Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New York Trip Told in Snapchats Part 2

So the next day, we went to this Mexican place that Amanda loves, and it turned out that the whole street was blocked off for some festival or something, so the whole road with lined with different tents and stands for all sorts of food and items. There were food from restaurants nearby but also fair food like fried oreos and lemonade stands.

So after we ate, we just walked around and took everything in before going to this Japanese store that Kyle, Shelle's bf, wanted her to get a book for him. We were walking towards Times Square, so everything was starting to look really nice and fancy, and we saw this huge Godzilla poster on a building with a tour bus that was also promoting the movie stopped nearby, which was funny.

The Japanese store was really cool. The first floor held a lot of translated books and books about Japan while the upstairs was otaku heaven. There were so many books and manga and anime and even sections for music and a cafe. The majority of the manga were in Japanese, but there was a good amount of translated manga to browse through.

I was really impressed with the this painting though. It was the first thing you see when you reach the top of the escalator going to the second floor. It was so big that they even painted the part of the ceiling!

After Shelle found Kyle's book and we browsed around to our content, we went to a park that was across the street from the Japanese building and chilled for a while again. It was pretty entertaining since we sat at a table near this big fountain in the middle of the park, and there were so many people going up to it taking pictures, but they didn't seem to realize that they were standing at the back of the fountain where the sun was shining on it, so they would all appear dark in their pictures.

After that, we walked to Chelsea's Market, which was pretty interesting. We didn't really buy anything though we did stop near this expensive ice cream place inside to relax for a bit since it was a long walk. And pretty crowded as well.

After that, we went to Starbucks since we were thirsty before going to the High Line, this industrial place that turned into a garden-ish long walkway. We just sat around on some more benches and people watched since we didn't have that any plans until later that night.

It was surprisingly pretty cold. It was mainly the wind, I think. But yeah, it was really pretty up there.

While we were walking somewhere, Amanda got a little lost, so we stopped for a little bit and I noticed the doorway behind us had this cool graffiti on it. Super cool man.

For dinner, we went to this Vietnamese place that Amanda likes to go to since I was kind of craving pho. I blame that on the cold weather and because I hadn't had it in a month or two, lol. It was near Chinatown, and I was surprised to see that they had these signs around the place. Apparently, Italy World or something was nearby and also had its own sign, lol.

After dinner, we went to this famous ice cream in Chinatown. Again, I forgot the name, but I do remember why it's so popular. It's known for its different types of ice cream flavors. I ended up getting green tea ice cream just because I love it so much and because it's so difficult to find.

Then we went to our cousins' hotel room since they were still getting ready to go out. Lil ended up doing Shelle and Amanda's hair as well, so they were all dress up to go drinking, lol. Sharon let me go on her work computer while they were out, so I spent the longest time on Tumblr. -__-"

They didn't come back until around three or four in the morning and Shelle brought me back some pizza since I still hadn't tried any New York pizza yet. We took the subway back to Amanda's apartment in a tired daze and passed out almost as soon as we got back.

The next day was Monday, so Amanda had work, which was why we woke up early and I ate the pizza for breakfast while we were getting ready. Shelle and I took the subway with Amanda, but took a different train to go to our cousins' hotel room while Amanda went to work.

We got lost looking for the hotel for a little bit, but we eventually found it. Our cousins were still getting ready and our aunts were on their way out to sight see some more, so I drowsed for a bit since we were waiting for Lil to get ready before going to get some bagels. In the end, Lil was running late to meet up with Viv, so Shelle and I just went to get the bagels ourselves before coming back to the room to eat and watch tv while Sharon got ready.

Then it was noon, and we had to go to the airport. We got there, had lunch, and eventually boarded the plane 20 minutes until takeoff, so we had separate seats this time. Shelle had left her phone in the bathroom downstairs, so she had to go back through security a second time, which took 5ever, which was why we were later than planned.

So yeah, that was my New York trip. It was really fun. I think I spent more money on taxi and cabs than I did anything else, lol. And food, but the food was so worth it. XD

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