Monday, June 30, 2014

Kpop Appreciation Post: Akdong Musician, EXO, Taeyang, B.A.P, Infinite

Basically, in the middle of my catching up on all that is Kpop, I forgot to talk about which ones I've liked recently. -__-"

Akdong Musician is the brother sister duo that won a talent show and signed on with YG. I've heard a couple of their songs since they debuted and really liked them all, but their song "Melted" and its music video really spoke to me. I legit had tears in my eyes.

You really need to watch the music video.

I just really like their voices and their indie style. It very unique, especially compared to most other Kpop songs. And here's "200%", a much happier, lighter song that really displays their nice voices.

I'm really late to mention how much I am addicted to EXO's "Overdose". Sucks about Kris leaving in the midst of their promotion, but I really don't want to talk about it. Let's just talk about how catchy that chorus is. After the first few times I listened to the song, I had the English part of the chorus stuck in my head at the most random times, lol.

The mv stuck to the usual SM formula of dancing in one or two rooms, but at least the room was pretty interesting. Plus, I really liked the dance and how they changed the camera angles to go with the song. The dancing was so sharp and smooth, and ugh, I wish I could dance like that. >__<

Also, I'm super late to mention how much I'm loving Taeyang's new song, "Eyes, Nose, Lips", but whatever, better late than never, right? XD At first, I was a little disappointed find out that it was such a slow song, but it definitely grew on me, because, hello, Taeyang's voice is perfection. He just has this style of singing that he definitely knows how to exploit that sounds so uniquely him and awesome.

The music video isn't that special, but you can never turn down a shirtless Taeyang, lol. Although the dark, bleak setting really does go well with the tone of his song. Also wonder if any of the tattoos are real.

I'm also super super late to talk about B.A.P's song, "1004 (Angel)", which I can't believe came out four months ago??? Like, I don't even remember seeing them perform that song on the music shows or promoting it in general, which sucks because I'm really loving this song!

The intro was okay since it showed you the settings, but once the music started playing around 30 seconds, I was immediately hooked. The beat is just really good, okay. XD Listen to it yourself!

I really liked BYG's setting. The giant bones and dessert scenery looked really cool. And I loved Jongup and Zelo's dance in the beginning; it definitely reminded me that they're the group's best dancers, lol. The mv wasn't bad either. I liked how they switched to a different song to compliment the bleak tone of the mv near the end of the song before going back to the chorus.

And finally, Infinite's "Last Romeo"! It's not my favorite of their songs, I but do like it, and it grows on me the more I listen to it. The chorus is definitely catchy and still has the distinct Infinite tone to it, which I appreciate. 

I actually really liked the settings in the mv, especially the building full of books, but that could be my bookworm nerdiness talking, lol. And their dance is awesome as always, full of sharp, synchronized moves that I could never replicate. XD I also liked their outfits; guys never look wrong in fitted suits, and apparently I have a thing for guys in all black/leather, too, lol.

And that's it for now. There are still a couple more songs I want to talk about, but this post is getting ridiculously long, so I'll save it for another time. :P

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