Monday, June 9, 2014

New York Trip Told in Snapchats Part 1

Kind of late, but here I am finally getting around to writing up my New York trip. :)

Basically, I took Groome to the airport where Shelle was already waiting for me since there wasn't enough people at the Warner Robins one to take a one-way trip to Atlanta, so we had to go to the Macon center and wait with people there for the one o'clock trip.

In the end, we reached the airport around three instead of two like I had thought. But it didn't matter because our flight ended up being delayed for a few hours since it was raining pretty bad in New York. That just meant that Shelle and I got to catch up on the whole David thing as we waited, lol.

So we finally board our plane around seven or eight, I think. Our flight was pretty interesting because one of the flight attendants near us looked like he belonged to gang or something. He was attractive, which first got my attention, but the longer I studied him, the more I noticed how like a thug he was--and not in a bad way like with bad manners or anything, more like how he walked with a swagger and sense of confidence in himself. And Shelle and I noticed that he had a tattoo crawling up from the side of his neck and lots of nice arm muscles.

When we finally landed and found Amanda, who we were spending the weekend with, we left the airport. As soon as we stepped outside, we were greeted with a multitude of honking cars as everyone tried to leave, which was amusing. It was still lightly raining, so we rushed to get to a taxi to take us back to Amanda's apartment to set our stuff down before leaving right away to meet up with Chris and her boyfriend at this famous mac and cheese place that Shelle had heard about.

I forgot the name, but the mac and cheese was so good! It definitely helped warm me up after the whole walk to the subway and to the restaurant, where the rain started getting progressively harder. We were all pretty soaked through by the time we got there. But yeah, I decided to try something totally different, so I got a Mediterranean mac and cheese, which had spinach and goat cheese and some other types of cheese. It was really good!

After that, we said our goodbyes and left to go back to Amanda's apartment. It was a pretty tiring day, lol. Our cousins from California wanted to go out drinking, but the rain kind of stopped that. They ended up rescheduling to do it the next night.

The next day, we walked all around New York. We saw the Statue of Liberty from afar, which was fine by me. I didn't really want to get on a ferry crowded with other tourists.

We also saw the Brooklyn Bridge from afar, lol. Then we walked around some more before eating from a street vendor, since we were originally going to get lunch with our cousins, but they weren't out of bed yet, and it was already noon.

We took the subway to another part of New York and stood in a long line to get these amazing cookies from this shop that Amanda really likes. I forgot the name of it, but it was definitely really popular even though it didn't look anything special from the outside, until you finally made it through the threshold and smelt it.

The scent of baking cookies is too great. The cookies were around $4 but worth it. They're really big and even after walking around for half an hour, they were still warm and the chocolate all nice and melty. We all got the almond chocolate chip cookies, Amanda because it's her favorite, and Shelle and I because the other ones had wayy too much chocolate for us to handle, lol.

We ate the cookies while walking around Central Park. We found a nice, shady bench to eat it on and people watch before exploring the park some more. It was really pretty and packed full of people, which made sense. It was a weekend, and everyone was enjoying the weather since yesterday was bad.

There was this castle in the park with a great view of the park. There even was this Asian girl playing violin whilst hula hooping, trying to get money to continue going to music school, which was both sad and amazing.

There was like, three baseball games happening at the same time across the water, so there was so many people over there. Since everyone thinks that I'm a hipster, I ended up just saying too mainstream whenever we went to crowded places, lol.

At one part of the park that was nearer to civilization, some people were selling artwork, and I had to take a pic of the giraffe and send it to David because I call him an awkward giraffe, lol.

We ended up staying at the park for a pretty long time, stopping at this one area that was full of benches to sit at and people watching for a long time since we were pretty tired from walking over a big chunk of the park.

Then we embarked on a super long walk (it was 30 minutes, okay, and I was already tired, lol) to meet up with our cousins at a bar called The Ginger Man or something close to that. In the end, we didn't go there since they carded people at the door, and I was not old enough to get in yet.

We went to a bar across the street, and they didn't even bat an eye at us when we were ordering drinks. Nor did they card us. To be safe though, I just ordered water and some curry fries and hungry.

So we hung out there for a couple hours, catching up with each other. It turns out that Lil and Sharon are both doing long distance relationships, and it was hilarious how attached to her phone Sharon was texting her bf all night. Of course they asked us about our love lives as well, and Shelle had already told them about her boo, so I was in for a lot of teasing about David even though we were just friends at that point. But yeah, I definitely had already made up my mind to ask him what we were when I came back because I really didn't know where we stood.

Then we went back to Amanda's apartment with the promise to go out drinking with the next night after Viv's graduation as a celebration. I wasn't old enough, so I was just going to stay at the hotel room with our aunts, lol, which was fine with me since the next day was also pretty tiring.

I think I'm gonna leave this post here since it's already ridiculously long, and there's still so much more to tell. Lol, Part 2 will come soon.

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