Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Arghhhhh this speech is gonna suckkkkk

I have my informative speech tomorrow, and I'm just now preparing for it, and I cannot memorize this speech and its main points in time for tomorrow. D: 

I had to choose a topic like the differences in male and female communication style, didn't I? There's too many things to memorize! And I'm just procrastinating even more right now. ;__;

This is gonna be me tomorrow because I'm not gonna remember anything to say.

I just want this to be over with already and get ready to have fun on Friday, lol. I'm going to Atlanta with Shena and some of her friends to eat Asian food, go to the mall, and take pictures. And possibly going to a club or going karaoking. -__-"

It's really funny how all of the guys are wondering what to wear and asking Shena about what everyone else is wearing because we're supposed to be dressing up somewhat nicely. I had her help me pick out an outfit because I didn't know what was nice enough to wear since I have more tomboy-ish clothes, lol. 

But yeah, I'm ready for tomorrow to be over already. :P

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