Thursday, May 22, 2014

Still busy, but happy news!

So I've been kind of keeping myself busy these past few days and totally forgetting to blog about everything... But I think once everything settles down next week and I start going to summer school, I'll have more free time to write everything down, lol. I saved a lot of Snapchats as evidence. XD

But there's something I want to say because I can't help myself and feel like I just want to tell everyone about it, lol. David and I hung out for the longest time yesterday (I think from 3-12), and we had an awkward talk. We're gonna give the whole dating thing a shot since we're still getting to know each other. :D

Lol, I like hanging out with him because it's easy and fun, so regardless if we work out or not, I don't really mind since I at least made a good friend. :)

Anyway, I gotta go eat something before Shanice and Jackie come over so we can help each other work on our cosplays, lol. 

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