Friday, May 16, 2014

much busy, much confuse

So much has happened and so much that has yet to happen! There is not enough time to write it all down since everything is happening one after another. I just hope that I can remember everything when I do find time to blog. XD

But seriously, now I'm not sure about the whole David thing, and it's kind of driving me crazy cuz I just don't know man, lol. So many outside factors and comments, and I'm just not sure where we stand, where I want us to stand, and if my feelings are my own. Much confuse.

That aside, Shelle and I are going to New York today! I'm so excited! Woke up ridiculously early around 6:30, and I can only reason it to anticipation for the day, lol.

This month just isn't meant for blogging, I guess, lol.

I'll see you soon though.

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