Friday, May 2, 2014

Gonna be at grandma's

Basically, I'm going to be in Atlanta for the next week at my grandparent's house. That's mainly because Shelle and I are going to The Wanted's concert next Wednesday, so it's easier if I just stay there for a whole week since I'm going up to Atlanta tomorrow for a dentist's appointment and Shelle can just drive me home the next weekend.

Apparently, my grandpa stopped paying for internet since he had no use for it, so there was a while when their house was internetless. Luckily, one of my aunts payed for the internet, so it's back, which means that I can probably update while I'm up there, but who knows. Maybe I'll actually catch up with my reading. :P

Also, I haven't done any packing yet, so I'm not sure if I'm going to bring my laptop or not since I rely on my tablet more whenever I go anywhere. However, a week is a long time, so I probably will bring it just in case.

My last final is tonight! :DDD I just want to get it over with! But stupid Marc, making me wear a dress! Ugh. I'm not wearing heels. :P

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