Monday, May 12, 2014

Another update in Snapchats

It's been a while. :P 

On one hand, many things have happened; on the other, I wouldn't say that most of them were very important, so I feel like I've already forgotten things. So let's just start from the beginning and see what I remember. :3

While I was doing laundry to pack for my week-long trip to Atlanta, I noticed that I was wearing a lot of gray and neutral colors lately, lol.

That Saturday was the first time that I drove to Atlanta all by myself! The driving wasn't bad until we hit traffic, and I was kind of hangry since I didn't eat breakfast, so I was kind of pissed off at all of the slow drivers. But yeah, I drove my family to Atlanta, and we ate lunch with Shelle and her bf before my dad dropped me off at the dentist to get my cavities filled. 

My parents left with my bro to do some grocery shopping since they were going home later that day, and I spent the rest of the day hanging out with Shelle and Kyle. The first thing we did after my cavities were filled was to go get pastries and bubble tea even though my mouth was still numb, lol. I got mango bubble tea because I love mangoes too much to pass it up.

The next day, Shelle, Nicole, and I went to Piedmont Park to enjoy the sun, tan a little, and hangout. We packed a bunch of snacks, books, and two blankets for all of us to pile on. The park was fun! There was a lot more people than I expected, but I forgot that it was a Sunday, so of course there were many people out enjoying their weekend like we were, lol. But yeah, it took us around half an hour of walking around trying to find a good spot to layout our blanket and chillax in.

I spent the next two days just lazing about at my grandma's house since Shelle was at work and because my cousins had finals/classes or work as well. 

On Wednesday, Shelle took the day off of work so that we could hangout before the concert at night. We planned to eat lunch at The Vortex with Kyle around noon, but since we were running late, we pushed the time back to 12:45. Ironically, even with traffic, we came earlier than expected, so we went to this cool art supply store near The Vortex that was right across the street from where we parked. 

We both ended up buying some really nice pens and this stack of moleskin notebooks with cool quotes on them that we later split in half. I really like the notebook because it was easier to plan and sort things out in it than trying to type it all down in my phone, which is still pretty laggy and retarded at the most inconvenient times. -__-"

It was my first time eating at The Vortex, and I was not surprised at why it was so popular. The service was good and fast, and the food was delicious. I really loved my Ragin' Cajun burger, although I may be biased because I was starving, lol. 

Because Shelle couldn't find the concert tickets that she printed out forever ago, we had to go to Staples to print them out. I ended up buying another pack of nice fine-tipped pens that were on if I don't have enough. :P

Then we drove back to the parking lot that we already paid for the whole day, grabbed our bag of snacks and a blanket, and walked to Piedmont Park since it was only 20 minutes away walking distance. Since it was the middle of the day in the middle of the week, there weren't that many people out, so it was easy to find a spot in the shade to lay out our blanket and read for two hours and enjoy the breeze. 

Then we packed up, walked back to Shelle's car, dropped off our stuff, and started walking to Takorea, this Mexican-Korean fusion restaurant that Kyle took Shelle out to eat earlier that week. We split a bibimbap since it was a huge portion and each got different tacos. The food was so good, although tacos were pretty pricey. It was around $4-6 for one taco!

After we ate and digested for a bit, we headed to the concert. We arrived at the parking garage 30 minutes early, but Shelle wanted to stay in her car for a while to charge her phone since it died, so we didn't leave until almost 8 o'clock, which was when the concert started. 

When we came, the first band, Midnight Red was already performing. I didn't think that they were near the end of the set list, so I didn't take any pictures of them. That was also mainly because I couldn't stop cooing at their boy-band-ness, lol. Their dance was just too cute and simple compared to the edgier, tougher dancing I'm used to seeing in Kpop groups. 

It really sucked that we only got to listen to one and a half of their songs, because I really liked Midnight Red's songs and knew more of them compared to Cassio Monroe. I only recognized a couple of their songs, and while I enjoyed the rest of them, I didn't take any pics of them either since I was trying to save my phone battery for The Wanted afterwards. 

And it was worth it! The Wanted was so good! They sang so well, and it was obvious that they were having a good time performing, too, with all of the conversation that occurred between each song. I knew almost all of their songs so I sang along to most of them, and even though I wasn't jumping up and down like a lot of their fans in the front, I really enjoyed myself.

I took a lot of pictures, but not as many as I did for Emblem3 now that I think about it. Unfortunately, most of my pics have at least one blurry member in them or too bright lights. I really can't wait until October so I can upgrade my phone and get one with a better camera. Lol, there was this one girl in front of us that Shelle and I kept on noticing because she had such a huge phone with great resolution; we were mocking her for the amount of selfies she took during the concert but super jealous of the great pics she was taking of the band. 

On Thursday, Megan came over and we hungout. We went to Ikea, because she wanted to get some new bed sheets that she saw online, and I wanted to go because I had never been there before. It was so cool! And massive! I wanted to redecorate my room with so many things, lol. 

On Friday, I hungout with Shanice and Nicole. We went to Discover Mills to find a Mother's Day present for Nicole and window shopped for a bit before we went movie hopping. We watched Neighbors, which was hilarious before going to watch The Amazing Spiderman 2. 

Unfortunately, while we were seated and watching previews for that movie, Shanice realized that she didn't have her phone on her. After searching the bathroom and theater that we were in for Neighbors and not finding it, Shanice left us to go ask the staff if her phone turned up. Luckily, one of the staff found it under the seats in Neighbors, so she got it back, but she didn't get to watch any of the other movies with us.

After watching Spiderman again, I realized that I had a new ship Peter/Harry... Apparently, it's called Parksborn, lol. The bromance was just too cute in the movie that my shipper heart couldn't help but make it more romantic, lol.

Then Nicole and I went to go watch The Other Woman, since she really wanted to watch that, and since I had already seen Divergent. The Other Woman was also hilarious and crazy. I definitely liked it. 

But yeah, that's what's been happening for the past week. I've already made some plans and have errands for this week, so yeah, it's also going to be a busy week. Plus, Shelle and I are leaving for New York on Friday! 

So much to do, not enough time or money to do everything. D:

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