Thursday, November 21, 2013

i regret my life choice aka why do i always procrastinate? :c

These upcoming weeks are going to be really busy, and not in a fun way. :c

Well, this weekend will be fun, but everything else is going to suck.

Homecoming starts tomorrow, so I'll be staying on campus late with my friends to watch the light parade and make s'mores while watching the fireworks. There's a skit, too, which I'm looking forward to, even though I have no idea what it's about. :D 

Then, on Saturday, we have both the basketball game and football game going on one after another. I'm working concessions at the basketball game since it's from 10-3, but I told my boss that I couldn't work the football game since I already had plans. Apparently, Shelle has been planning this get together with her friends for a while now, and it just happened to occur during Homecoming week.

Since most of her friends graduated this summer, they haven't all seen each other in a while, especially since Amanda moved to New York, so Shelle made plans to have a get together at our house, which ended up being a dinner/slumber party since some of her friends were from out of town and no one wants to drive for 2+ hours in the middle of the night. Then one of her friends pointed out that she was missing some people, so the little get together expanded, and then she invited some of my friends since she didn't want me to be lonely at the party even though I already know all of her friends, lol. So yeah, now the party's grown bigger, and our parents and bro are going on a cruise earlier that morning, so we have the house all to ourselves. 

This is the first time we've ever thrown a party while our parents are out of town, lol. Granted, it's not a huge party and we're not planning on getting any hard liquor for anyone to get drunk, but still. Our parents have gone out of town on weekends so many times in the past five years, and we've never done anything like this behind their backs. 

But yeah, that's going to be fun. I invited both my high school friends and college friends, so it's gonna be interesting to see how they all act around each other, lol.

Then, on Sunday, Shelle said that Deidra's sister, who works at a movie theater in town, can probably get us free tickets to Catching Fire for anytime that day, which is so awesome! I have so much homework I should be doing, but I don't care. I need a break anyway. :P

That is a huge lie. I don't have time to take breaks. I'm so behind on all of my stuff that it's overwhelming. And I've been staying up late reading fics or reading my textbook that I'm perpetually tired regardless of the time of day. I only wake up somewhat when I'm on the interwebs procrastinating or doing something that detracts from my sleep hours. :P 

It really sucks, but I can't blame anyone but myself. I really should have started half of the stuff I'm now trying to catch up on weeks ago when I made time for them in the first place. Instead, I procrastinated and spent all of my time reading fics and watching Supernatural. D: I hate myself so much at times like these. 

But yeah, I've got to finish working on a website for one class by Tuesday, write my parts of a proposal for another class by Monday, study for a test I have on Monday, finish my extra credit assignment by Tuesday, read three long articles for a quiz on Tuesday, write my parts of a project for social media before Tuesday, write a rough draft of my research paper (that I had almost two months to work on D:) before Thanksgiving Break is over, and study for another class that I epically failed the last test on and really need to bring up my grade. 

Plus, after Thanksgiving Break is over, all of my projects are due along with presentations. After that week is over, finals start, which I need to cram for. So yeah, I really don't have time to waste these next few weeks, even during Thanksgiving Break. ;__;

I'm going to spend so many sleepless nights working on everything. I can see it now. ;_______; That's why I'm going to freakin' enjoy my weekend this weekend before I start worrying about finishing everything on time, lol.

Now I need to start working on something

And don't expect a lot of posting from now until the semester's over. I'll only be posting when I'm in the middle of procrastinating. :P

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