Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cussing in College

I noticed this last year but never really gave it much thought until lately, but I've realized that I've cussed a lot more in college than I ever did in high school, which, admittedly, is a random thought. But I think there a couple of reasons why I've been cussing so much.

Don't get me wrong, when I talk about my cussing, it's usually not directed at people; it's usually used as an exclamation more than anything. Like, I usually swear when I stub my toe or almost trip down a flight of stairs or something painful. I usually don't cuss at people unless when I'm driving, which I will get into soon.

One reason I think that I cuss more now than in high school is because at my high school, you usually get into trouble if a teacher catches you cussing so I never really felt the need to swear unless I almost dropped something important or hurt myself. In college, your teachers don't care if they catch you swearing so long as it isn't directed at anyone, and in some classes, they don't mind if you swear in class as part of your discussion. Because there is less censoring in college, it's easy to just cuss whenever. Yeah, some professors and students probably dislike or think it's impolite hearing people swear, but you're not going to get in trouble for doing it.

Another reason is that I think I'm developing a case of roadrage, lol. Some people are so freakin' slow driving, especially in the left lane that I get so irritated that I cuss and call them names. And there are those drivers who slow down for no freakin' reason that you have to brake really hard in order to avoid rear-ending them that also pisses me off so much that I cuss. I don't go around speeding all over the place and try to drive as carefully as my tired brain lets me, but really. Some people should just not drive.

Also, I think that it kind of goes back to my first reason. There's just this freedom in being able to cuss whenever you want to. I don't do it often--and never excessively--but when I do, no one really thinks about it or makes a big deal about it. Cussing is a norm, especially in college. It's not like in elementary school where learning cuss words is a big deal since it makes you seem more mature so you try to use it whenever to prove how cool you are even if you don't know how to use it in context correctly. Cussing is just a form of expression. You shouldn't make such a big deal about it unless it's being used to hurt someone because that turns into bullying and abuse, which is just wrong.

But yeah, cussing... I've been doing it a lot, but I don't think it's a big deal. It's not like I'm doing drugs or have a new attitude just because I swear more often. Besides, people don't only swear when they're angry. They do it when they're happy or just realized something funny, too! Take Tom Hiddleston as an example, lol.

Now I really want to watch Thor 2. -__-"

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