Saturday, November 30, 2013

How My Thanksgiving Break Went/Is Going

This break has been pretty fun although I know that I'm going to be rushing through all of my assignments the rest of today and tomorrow. D:

After work on Tuesday, I hitched a ride with Lauren up to her house in Conyers before we met up with Shelle for dinner after she got off of work around 6. We went to this really good Japanese place, and Shelle even secretly ordered Lauren a birthday cheesecake slice since her birthday was the next day.

Then Shelle took me back to grandma's where she was staying at, and I had to finish my part of the red team review before goofing off for the rest of the night. Shelle took a vacation day for Wednesday, so we hung out after my group and I finished our memo report online before our cousins came over to pick us up to hang out.

We were planning on going shopping at the mall since there were already a lot of sales before Black Friday, but we were planning on going to watch Delivery Man at 7:30 and we didn't have that much time since we left late. Instead, we went to eat dinner at this Korean BBQ place we frequently go to and stuffed ourselves silly. The food was great, and we tried the kimchi pancakes instead of getting the kimchi stew like usual, and it was great even though I had never eaten so much kimchi in one sitting, lol.

The only thing that sucked was that towards the end, there was this group of older guys who were seated in the room next to us who decided to start smoking even though the place had a sign that said it was a smoke-free area. Luckily, we were pretty much done with dinner by then, so we left. But still. No one wants to smell smoke while eating. >:|

The other thing that sucked about that night was that when we got to the movie theater, it turned out that the 7:30 showing was actually at 8:45, so we had to wait over an hour in their lobby. What was cool was that there was a lot of people waiting to watch Catching Fire, and we saw this Effle look-a-like in line. I even took a Snapchat for my friends, lol.

The movie was pretty good. It wasn't as funny as I was expecting, but it still made me laugh enough to enjoy it. I'm never gonna not think about this one since in the movie whenever I hear someone say the word "darling" now though, lol.

After that, we were planning on going to Arte 3, this Korean dessert place that we usually go to for patbingsoo, but since Nicole wanted bubble tea, we went to Suno instead and got patbingsoo there instead before going back to grandma's house to chill for a couple of hours.

On Thanksgiving, Shelle and I stayed in bed and didn't get up until around noon. Our grandma and everyone else in the house was so busy making and preparing for all of the orders placed earlier that work for Thanksgiving, that after eating, Shelle and I helped prepare some of the food before we had to leave since Madeline invited us to have Thanksgiving with her family, and they were starting to eat pretty soon. We had to drive around 2 hours back home in order to get there on time, and we were already running late. -__-"

But yeah, Shelle practically sped half of the time when the cops weren't around and we made it 30 minutes earlier than we said we would, even after stopping by Publix to pick up a pie or two for dessert. Only thing that went wrong was the fact that Publix was closed, as was every other store around. -__-"

We didn't get any pie, lol. But we did stuff ourselves at Madeline's house and chilled while her mom went out Black Friday shopping around six. Madeline also invited Tapas over, so we were busy laughing for the most of the time, lol.

Then, around 8, I met up with Shanice to go Black Friday shopping since all of our other friends already were shopping with their families. We hit up Wal-Mart first before going to the mall and going to American Eagle, Aeropostale, and JC Penny. Then we went to Best Buy and Kohls before going to McDonald's since we were hungry before calling it a night and going back to my house to talk. Since the Black Friday deals started earlier this year and because we weren't in dire need of many things and were tired, we finished shopping around midnight and ended up talking until four in the morning. XD

But man, those lines though! For some of the stores, the lines to the registers were ridiculous even though we came later than their starting time, like in American Eagle. The line went zig-zagging around the store that it was impossible to try to get to the fitting room without breaking through the line at least twice. It was so ridiculous that I didn't even bother looking around much, and since Shanice only wanted one shirt, she bought it online instead since they had free shipping. Luckily for us, since we came two hours later than when Best Buy started their sales that we didn't have to fight over anything or wait that long in line. 

We also made plans to do some homework together at Bare Bulb before going to watch Thor: The Dark World. We didn't get much homework done. -__-" That's why, after we watched the movie, we went back to my house to do more homework before having dinner. Since we didn't accomplish much that day, we decided to really focus on doing everything the rest of the weekend, so we goofed off the rest of the night by bringing Shanice's dog over to have a playdate with Meethu's dog.

So now I'm trying to not fall asleep studying/reading my microecon book before reading some more articles to use for my research paper and trying not to regret my life decisions since I've got so much to do every day for the rest of the week and until finals are over. D:

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