Thursday, February 28, 2013


Found this gif over at Adjusted Justice's tumblr. My mind was blown, lol.

But man! Marc and I have been slaving over our websites and projects for Multimedia for the past two days, and only one of the projects was actually taken up today! Cam and I were supposed to give our presentation today, too, but she told the class that she was going to push it back to next Thursday since we needed a lab day in class! 

Do you know how much time Cam and I spent working on our presentation with our busy schedules?! >:( Plus, this morning, I got out of my Engineering Lab early today, and Cam came to school early to work on his website, so we ended up going to the TCO Suite and working there until class started. Cam was busy working on his website since it decided to act stupid the other day and eat all of his pictures, and I was busy adding more pictures to our presentation because I had realized that we were so busy working on our other apps that we forgot to really talk about the main app, Evernote, lol. 

But now we're prepared for our presentation for next week, and Marc and I are actually ahead in class because of all of our late nights scrambling around trying to accomplish everything, so I guess it's not that bad. 

But still. :\

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