Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's gonna be a long week :\

The past few days have been long. Very long. What with working, going home, doing loads of laundry, group meetings, classes, homework, and not much sleep, I'm worn out. 

And it's only Tuesday. D:

I'm pretty sure this whole week is going to be extremely long and tiring. My group has to finish building our bridge by Wednesday night since the competition is Thursday morning; Raymond and I agreed to cook on Wednesday since we never had a chance before, which means grocery shopping and hanging out for 3-5 hours; I have a night lab as per usual on Thursday night; I'm going costume shopping with Lauren and Meethu on Friday after classes; I have work on Saturday; and I have plenty of homework and a quiz to deal with this week. Also, I'm prolly going to have to work on my CDR on Saturday/Sunday. 

All of a sudden, classes have gotten more demanding. ;__;

And I'm super tired, but every time I have a chance to take a nap (hardly ever until I get home and it's already dark -__-), I can't fall asleep, which sucks! That, or I end up reading EXO fanfics, lol. That's also not good since they take up so much time. D:

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know why I most likely won't be blogging much for the rest of the week. (I always say stuff like this, and yet I end up posting pretty consistently, lol.)

Adieu for now~


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