Monday, February 18, 2013

le sigh

It's been a long day.

I didn't even get to go home and eat a late lunch cuz after Shelle's last class, we went to Best Buy to look for new TVs and then Wally World for toilet paper since we were on our last roll and a few other items. Then, when we finally got back home, I still couldn't eat because I had to start cooking because I cook on Mondays and because Shelle and I had a group meeting at eight (and a separate meeting afterwards).

So, buy the time we came home around 11, I took a shower, and I really don't want to work on my group project, but it's due for peer review tomorrow morning...

And I'm becoming poor because we just bought a TV and spent $80 on groceries and gas. :(

Also, I think I'm going to start my period soon because I've just been super irritated today, especially at my friend Lauren when she came over. :/

But yeah. I think I really need to finish my part of the project and get some sleep. I have an early class tomorrow anyway. We get to find out who our new group members are for our next engineering project.

Yay, more groups! :P

And what a long weekend it was too. I started training to work at the register in the UC on Saturday and started training on how to work at Subway also at the UC on Saturday, so the majority of my weekend was working with my sis instead of studying for our Astronomy test on Wednesday. 

I just can't wait for this week to be over. All of my group work would be finished by then, the test would be over, and I can finally get some real rest after working on Saturday when Shelle and I go home.

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