Monday, February 25, 2013

Co-Worker Bonding

The game was really slow today, so my co-workers and I ended bonding, lol. We basically hung out and talked throughout the whole game because there was hardly anyone buying stuff.

I learned that even though Jack's a sophomore, he's switched majors four times already. Luckily, all of the majors he went through all required core classes so he's still on track. I finally learned the annoying guy's name, Chris (Michelle thinks that he's annoying because he was back talking to her one time she worked with him). Nigel thinks that Chris is a bit of an idiot. He also is a media studies major but wants to be a comedian who transferred here, and I found out that Brooke was trying to set him up with her friend because she thought that they would go well together, but Nigel's already friendzoned her, so it's not gonna happen. And I found out that Akhiym isn't really ticklish except for his armpits and the bottom of his feet, which was unfair because he kept on poking me randomly, lol.

We also talked about the impossibility of philosophy, stereotypes and racism, misogyny, and bullshit. It was pretty interesting, lol. Everyone bullshits, but it takes a while to look past the bullshit and call it as it is. Apparently, Brooke is in denial that her friendships start off as bullshit, lol.

All-in-all, work wasn't that bad. :P

Now I've got to figure out which manga I want to buy while Rightstuf is still having it's sale. All Viz media books, manga, and novels are 33% off! Since Amazon's stopped having it's 4-for-3 sales, this is prolly the only time I'm going to get manga for cheap now. :(

Bye for now!

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