Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I am sick.

Do you ever have that one sneeze that, afterwards, as you're recovering, you suddenly feel an onslaught of sickiness? Like, all of a sudden, you feel awful. Your nose is clogged, your eyes are hot and watery, and you just feel terrible.

Yeah, that just happened to me. 

But the thing is, I started feeling sicky Friday night. It wasn't that bad though; I just had a little sore throat which went away on Saturday as I was working. Then I started feeling pretty bad after I got off of work feeling super tired.

And now I'm doped up on medicine, feeling out of it and tired. Fun. :P

Also, since I live with three other people, I'm trying to not infect them with my cold, but you know how it is...

Lol, later.


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