Thursday, November 8, 2012

Busy busy busy being a college kid

If you haven't noticed, I haven't been on much lately for the past few days. (Who am I kidding, I've barely updated about my personal life in a while. -__-") That's because I've been busy living in the real world, lol.

Last Friday, I went out to the bar with my roommates since they had a stressful week and wanted to loosen up. I ended up being one of the DD's since I am underaged, but it was fine; I expected to be one anyway. Besides, my sis let me try all of her drinks. :P

But yeah, we went to Bottom's Up first because we were meeting up with Shelle's friend who brought along her roommate, too. They wanted to go to Bottom's Up since they hadn't been there before. It was more like a club since there was a dance floor and a DJ playing music so loud that you could feel the bass vibrating through your body--similar to being near the front of a concert, next to the speakers. 

It was full of shady or scantily clad African Americans and drunk college students who danced like they were basically having sex near a pole or just having a group grindfest. Not pretty at all. We left to go to The Hummingbird a while after since Bottom's Up really wasn't our scene. 

I've been to The Bird once before, so I was used to it. We went to the back, which was outside, and found a table to sit at after everyone ordered drinks. And then we spent a couple of hours there talking and just chilling. It was nice, even though it became pretty chilly after a while, lol. 

Then, I drove one of the cars back to our apartment where we were planning on playing drinking games like Circle of Death... but we realized that we didn't have any cards to play with. OTL So we just drank some Mike Hard's Margaritas that Deidra bought (supposedly for me, lol) and Deidra and Shelle pretended to be really drunk to get revenge on some guys that couldn't even come. It was entertaining, lol.

Then, the next day, after Shelle got off of work, we went home to go eat out to celebrate my birthday since my dad couldn't eat anything for the next two days for a doctor's check-up. It turned out that my parents invited some family friends to come with us, and when they found out that it was my birthday, I got some birthday money! I'm not a completely poor college student anymore! :D For now at least... :P

Oh yeah, I finally started working last Thursday. Thanks to Shelle, I got a job at concessions at the basketball games, and since it's finally basketball season, I work! Lol, we have Homecoming this weekend, so it's going to be really busy at the games.

And my job is pretty easy. I work with five other people, and I already Tawanda, lol, and we got to learn how to make pretzels and hot dogs and work the register and popcorn machine. I was in charge of the popcorn machine so I just had to scoop popcorn into the boxes, so I'm not totally sure how to work the register that well yet. 

But I finally have a real job. And even though I work few hours, it's better than nothing. :P

So after we came home from eating out, I spent the rest of the night chilling on the interwebs and talking on the phone with one of my best friends from elementary school. We reconnected last December I think? and have been texting each other for a while now, trying to meet up and properly catch up, but it just hasn't been working out since we're both too busy or couldn't get a ride to meet up with each other. But we're planning on meeting up this Sunday, so hopefully we'll get to see each other for the first time in eight years, lol. 

On Sunday, while I was doing laundry and Shelle was (not) working on her five-page paper due the next day, Krista came over for a few hours to give me my birthday present and hang out. She dyed half of her hair blue! It looks so cool! 

It's always fun talking with her; we always go from the randomest tangents, lol. And I love how we can get so deep and thoughtful when we're talking about Kpop, lol. I wish I could be like that with my papers for Gendered Lives! :P

Then, Shelle and I had to go back to the apartment because Shelle had to go to work and I needed to go to SI to study for my upcoming Calc and Programming tests, which I had today. So yeah, Sunday night, Monday night, and last night were basically dedicated to studying/cramming for my tests, which I feel like I did horrible on the Calc test and okay on the Programming test. 

After taking a Calc test and feeling like I've been raped by it, I always tell myself that I have to stop cramming before the test and need to start studying at least a week in advance in order to get a good grade. And I'll keep on telling myself that I need to sit down and review everything that I've learned in there a week before the test, but I never listen to myself. Either I'm too busy doing other homework or am just too tired to want to study, so before I know it, the test is a day or two away and I've gotta cram. 

I mean, I was studying Calc with Lauren last night, and I thought that I understood how to do everything that we went over, but during the test, I don't know man... it's like we had different questions from what we had to study in the book. 

And the programming test wasn't as hard because I understand most of what she taught because programming is fairly logical, and once you see the pattern, it makes sense. But since I didn't really study the test review that she gave us, I wasn't sure how to do a few of the problems. :\

But yeah, I no longer have crazy tests looming over my head--or homework!--which is why I'm able to type this supremely long post that I haven't done in a long while. But that might also be because I find it awkward to blog around other people who could be reading over my shoulder, and since I always have my laptop downstairs where most of my roommates do their homework and study, too, I don't have much time to write up posts unless it's late at night when they're on their own laptops or during the middle of the day when no one else is home, lol.

I'm so private when it comes to what I have up on my laptop around others, lol. Maybe that's why I have so many tabs open; it's easier to click onto another page when I'm trying to hide all of my Kpop tumblrs when I already have a page open. 

...I forgot how nice it is to just type out everything: what's been happening, what I'm thinking about, anything. Here I started this blog to record my memories, and I've been doing a horrible job. It's my first year at college and I've experienced so many things! 

I never mentioned the first time I went to a bar (until I wrote this post), which was also the first time I was in a car that was pulled over, and led me to have to take a breathalyzer to see if I could drive us home since everyone else drank. Nor did I ever mention the first person to make me so incredibly angry that I couldn't even articulate clearly because I was filled with so much anger at him and his arrogance--just know that Number 5 is forever a holier-than-thou asshole and that this happened during the same night we got pulled over. And thanks to the whole event, I talked got back in touch with Tyler again, and we remembered what good friends we are--he still says that we're "BEST FRIENDS", lol. 

And I never mentioned how I helped host a party because it was at our apartment, and how fun it was being tipsy and watching drunk people be drunk. Nor did I mention making an awesome new friend who loves Kpop and watching a SHINee concert at the library with her, squealing over the members together. And I never mentioned going to see Mercer's Battle of the Bands and being impressed that we had talented musicians while also feeling like a lame-o since I didn't recognize half of the songs, lol. I also never said anything about how I have to go tutor at this nearby middle school on Fridays for my Gendered Lives class with two other people, but we don't even tutor since Fridays are guest speakers/group activity days. And I never mentioned how I'm in Animercer, and how my friends and I have a tradition of going to Trivia Night at Margarita's on Wednesdays and how we think that the guy and his wife who runs the trivia game really likes us since he lets his wife help us out lately. And how I have to cook once a week now, which is so weird because I've never had to cook before so every meal that I make is something new to me. 

Honestly, I didn't know what would happen to me once I started college. I had no expectations. At all. So, as I was typing this all up, I was a little surprised to realize at how much stuff I've done and experienced in such a short amount of months. And to think that the semester's going to be over next month is crazy. I've got to study and cram for finals soon! D:

But first, I have to register for next semester's classes, and that's next Thursday. I've got to see Dr. Hayhoe to see what classes I have to take to do the 5th years Masters program to get a Master's in Business Administration in one year, and then I can see what other classes I need to sign up for. So far, I'm planning on taking Aerobics with Meethu and Ballroom Dancing with Lauren, lol. I've got other serious classes, too, like Intro Engineering Design and Multimedia, but I figured I'd take some classes with them to spend some time together since, with the career routes that we're taking, I won't have hardly any classes with them in the future.

And now it is time to go. I do believe it is time for me to goof off on the interwebs some more. :P


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