Sunday, November 18, 2012

Done with my test! \o/

At twelve today, I was taking my Gendered Lives test. It was basically four essays on articles that we had read for the past two months, and I had to write them all within two hours. I went ten minutes over the time limit, but I don't think that she'll take off points for that. I hope. o__o

But yeah, I spent the last few days rereading all of the articles (I didn't read two of them but thank God I didn't have write about them since they were both ridiculously long texts) and writing down relevant quotes that I thought I could use as supporting evidence in my essays, and it was super stressful since reading them and writing quotes seemed to take forever and I couldn't help but procrastinate and take breaks to read 2min and Banglo fanfiction and then there was Midnight Movies and going home to do laundry and yeah...

this made me lol so hard! XD
I'm just so glad that I finally got the test out of the way. :P

And the best news is that I don't have Gendered Lives tomorrow because I did extra credit a while ago and did the test today already! :D

Also awesome news is that on the Monday that we get back from Thanksgiving Break, we're going to have pizza and a movie in class! :D

And now I have to do my Calc extra credit homework to bring up my horrible test grade and do my programming homework since it's due tomorrow. :'(

On the bright side, I think Emily's coming over tomorrow since she's back from GA Southern for her Thanksgiving Break. I get to see my wifey, lol.

Also, on Friday night, I went to see Wreck-It Ralph with Lauren, Michelle, Justin, and Tiet. It was hilariously  cute and sweet and good! And surprisingly sad at one part. :c But I love Vanellope. She's so cute and adorable!

And now I must go do my Calc homework. :\


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