Saturday, May 5, 2012

Weekly Haul (56)

So... stuff happened, and I decided to not participate in In My Mailbox anymore. So here's my Weekly Haul, which is basically the same as IMM but it's going to include other things besides the books that I get every week. So yeah... look forward to that!

The Secret of the Scarlet Stone by T.L. Clarke
Blood Oath by T.L. Clarke
The Drowned Cities by Paolo Bacigalupi [already read and loved!]
The Last Seer and the Tomb of Enoch by Ashland Menshouse [signed! :D]

Griffin Rising by Darby Karchut (Signed! :D)

These are all of the books that I've received in the past month. Thanks so much to all of the authors and Little, Brown for the copies!

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