Friday, October 29, 2010

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Last night, I finished reading this very awesome [and crazily short] book. I left a review of it on goodreads that pretty much sums up everything I had to say.

Originally, I was planning on writing a whole post dedicated to the difference in Japanese YA and American YA that always astounds me, but after writing that review, I realized that I'm not ready to write something as philosophical as that just yet. Every time I tried to express what I wanted to say in the post about it, words abandoned me and I couldn't figure out how to put it down as words in the end. So maybe another time, when I read another really translated book.

Can't wait for the next book to come out in January!

My goodreads review [which is also the longest review I've written so far :P]:

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Japanese translated YA novels are so much different compared to American YA novels; the thought process and insights are completely different and distinctive. Because of that, I'm usually blown away whenever I read a translated Japanese novel just because the style and tone is so unusual that it's a refreshing change from what I normally read.

Book Girl and the Suicidal Mime completely floored me. Maybe it's because the last few books that I've read were contemporaries or other fluffy comedies, reading this book with it's dark tones and absorbing mystery completely caught me off guard. In the beginning, I had thought that the book would be a simple lighthearted fantasy when I bought it online, so I didn't really have any expectations when I started the book; I was just looking for a short, interesting read.

I am happy to say that I got my wish! The book was very absorbing and short enough that there wasn't any extras to bore me in between main events because everything was important to the plot, the characters were unique and complex in their own ways, the ending was good, and I'm happy to find out that this is a series, because there was no way that the book could end just like that with all of these little changes with the characters going on throughout the novel!

Also, what immediately sucked me in the book and had me hooked ever since was in the beginning right before the prologue. It's goes like this:

"Mine has been a life of shame.

I'm like the one black sheep born into a pure white flock. Unable to enjoy the things my peers enjoyed, unable to grieve the things they grieved, unable to eat the things they ate--being born an ignoble black sheep, I didn't understand the things my friends found pleasant, such as love, kindness, and sympathy. I simply dusted my dark wool in white powder and pretended I was a white sheep, too.

I'm still wearing my mask, still acting in this farce."

It has been rainy and damp all week! I did not like it; I hate the sticky feeling you always get from damp weather. 

On Monday, there was even a tornado warning after school when everyone was getting ready to get on their bus to go home. They made everyone go inside and sit in the halls until the signal went off again staying that we were clear and good to finally go home. Even though we only waited for 15 minutes, it was still too long - I was ready to go home. Then, it took forever for my bus to come since it was one of the buses on the last rounds, so that was another 15-20 minutes of my life wasted outside in that awful weather. 

I hope all of the rain and thunderclouds and sticky dampness goes away by Halloween. I'm taking my little cousins Trick-or-Treating [hopefully with Krista, I need to call her!], so I don't the weather to already put me in a bad mood. It just sucks that Halloween's on a Sunday cuz that means that I can't stay up late and goof off since we'll all have school tomorrow.

I want to see weather like this, lol.

Picture taken from Jae's twitter.

He's so RANDOM, lol. 

School is so dangerous! Lol, today, we had to stay in our first period class for 3 classes cuz apparently, two teachers saw some object outside that was made of PVC pipes [basically a bomb], so the school had to alert the authorities and do all of this stuff while everyone was to remain in their classrooms.

My first period was AP Lang, so we ended up having the class split into two groups and debating on some of the topics that were part of our homework like: is cheating in sports unsolvable and do the rich care about the poor? In the end, everyone just wanted to argue, so they did that while everyone else talked about other random stuff or watched the arguments. It was pretty entertaining.

After Ms. Freeman, the principal, made an announcement and told us why we were in our classes for so long, which is a first since we usually were left in the dark about stuff like this, I had lunch and found out what the "bomb" really was. It was this guy's friend's project. They were playing with it earlier, throwing it around and stuff, and they just left it lying there outside where some teachers saw it. Lol, FAIL. :P

So yeah, I got out of doing busy work in 2nd period and I missed my AP Bio test which makes me happy and sad at the same time since I've already studied for it and wanted to get it over with, but at the same time, I didn't want to take the test in the first test since I was so tired [slept at 11 and woke up at 4 this morning]. Now, I have to take it on least I'm assuming so. :P

On the bright side, the humid weather is finally gone! There are hardly any clouds in the sky and it finally feels like fall again :3

Yesterday, I came across this video that just further proved the awesomeness iTouch's are. I really want one now! These guys are awesome :3 Very creative.

I had planned on getting an iTouch for my birthday [which is next week!] as a gift to myself, but I've been spending so much money on books and stuff on ebay that maybe I should hold off on the spending for a while. Maybe get it for myself on Christmas instead?

Dood! Earlier this week, I found out that JYJ was featured in a magazine IN THE US. They were featured in "Release of the Week" by Billboard Magazine and they were even on the front cover! I immediately pre-ordered the copy when I saw it, and it's a good thing that I did because they're already sold out! 

You will not believe how much spazzing I did when I found out about all of this. XD

However, I really wish that a miracle will happen so that the five of them will go back to being DBSK again.

lol, this pic reminds me of The Beatles :P

And that's all for now folks!

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