Saturday, October 23, 2010

homecoming week~

this was an interesting week!

it was homecoming, so everyone was dressed up all week. on monday was college football day - not that interesting; everyone just wore jerseys of the teams they supported. 

tuesday was nerd day. i think alot of people confused it with tacky day cuz nerds do not wear different colored socks and crazy layers :P

wednesday was character day. this was the most hilarious day of the week. i saw spiderman, batman, power rangers, a gorilla, two bananas, mario and luigi, darth vader spongebob, male cheerleaders, and a whole lot of other crazy costumes.

thursday was decade day. the majority of the people dressed up as hippies or people in the 80's; quite colorful. :D my friend dressed up as a CIA agent during Kennedy's assassination.

at night, we had a giant bonfire in the soccer field where the powderpuff game happened. i couldn't go cuz i had to babysit, but i heard that it was really entertaining when the male cheerleaders performed.
friday was hunting for spirit day, which basically was camo/spirit day. mr. richardson said that he'd give us extra credit if we dressed up on that day, so everyone did cuz everyone has low grades in his class.

we had a pep rally during 7th period. it was pretty entertaining. the best part was when the male cheerleaders came out wearing the real cheerleader's outfits, skirts and all, and did their routine. one guy had his spandex shorts, or whatever they're called, jacked way high up; it was a disturbing sight. especially when i recognized who he was since he sits behind me in US history every day. XD

lol, they looked something like this dood, but the shirt covered their whole body and was in the school colors :P

and today, we had the homecoming game and the dance afterword. i couldn't go to either cuz i had to babysit. still am right now :P

on the bright side, every day when i came home, i'd find at least one package with my name on it. XD i bought and won alot of stuff on ebay the past week (i almost spent my whole week's paycheck buying stuff ;__;), and they finally came, so i have alot more books and dvds now to keep me busy. and there's still more on the way :3

i'll show you the spoils tomorrow when i do my IMM. i have to use the old camera again cuz shelle still has my camera. that woman needs to get her own camera! i'm tired of having her always taking it when i need it! >:(

well, ricky and henry's parents came home. that means that i can go home :D


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