Saturday, October 9, 2010

actually fnished a project pretty early

for once, I've actually finished a project pretty early. well, it's not completely finished since the video still has to be edited, but still. we finished filming everything in a couple of hours today and the project isn't even due till the 21st!

in latin, we have this food project where we have to make a cook book made with 5 recipes using a different latin word for each recipe or we can make a 5 minute video using 5 words in latin; both projects can be in groups of up to 3. so, jeffy, emily, and i decided to make a video cuz it sounded funner and because we already had the equipment :D

since emily was busy every other weekend before the due date, we had to film everything today cuz it was the only time that she wasn't busy. it was pretty funny. we had to do so many retakes and stuff cuz we kept on forgetting on saying the latin words instead of the english ones, and we film over the time limit because of all of the random, petty conversations in between cooking.

and since jeffy has legit video editing software stuff, he's going to edit the video so that our stuff will be under the time limit and add all of these amazing random stuff in it.

lol, one problem that we faced early on when we were figuring out what to do was that the tomato sauce that jeffy had brought was overdue from 2009. so jeffy and i were wondering if we should go get some at publix or not while we were waiting for emily to come [we decided to film at my house since both know where i live and since, apparently, i have the cleanest kitchen].

when she finally came and we told her the problem, she said that the sauce would be fine since it's canned and canned food lasts forever. and then we realized that we didn't even have to eat the pizza so it didn't even really matter. :P

so yeah, our cooking show is called "Eatin' Time" with me and jeffy as the hosts and emily as a special guest all the way from italy. we even had a brief commercial break while waiting for the pizza to cook, lol. it was just jeffy doing a random Kit-Kat cf.

i just found out that we don't have a fall break this year >:( apparently this 4 day weekend is it instead of the whole week off we had in the previous years. what the heck? not fairrrrr~ especially since the Perry Fair is only this week and next week.

i might go to the fair tomorrow, but i can't find anyone to go with me. :( jeffy might, but he has to wait for his rents to go home first to ask, and then he's not that much into fairs in the first place. i told him that he had to tell me if he could go before tomorrow, so i'll find out in a couple of hours.

and i sent shanice a text a couple of hours ago, but she hasn't replied back. i remembered that she said that she couldn't go to the fair since no one had asked her to go with them. not sure now -__-"

one bright side that i just found out, i can upload pictures on here again! yay!

also, kimi no todoke is having a second season next year! i can't wait to see it! they are just so cute! XD

so i just found out that shelle has pierced her ear again. this time, she got an industrial which is basically a bar that goes at the top parts of your ears. never expected her to do that O_O

my birfday's in a couple of weeks! can't wait to finally be old enough to watch R-rated movies, lol.

i love SHINee's comeback! they're so cute! and the song is so cute! lol, my fangirlingness is pretty obvious :P watch their Hello mv!

i hate how i still have to babysit when i have breaks cuz that means that the kids are also on break and that no one's around to take care of them. i only get one day to myself and even then, i usually can't enjoy it because i usually have to study or do homework for the majority of the day.

krista's coming over on tuesday! can't wait to catch up and stuff for a bit since we haven't seen each other in ages. unfortunately, she can't stay the night since both have school the next day :(

anyway, my eyes hurt from staring at the screen for so long. i'll see ya later :P

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