Saturday, October 2, 2010

argh...yay!...ugh!...lazy :P

i think i'm seriously going to fail my AP lang class. on thursday and friday, we had to do this in class essay on one of the four topics that he gave us using at least 2 quotes from 1984 for each body paragraph, and i didn't even get to finish writing my second paragraph on the final copy!

i'm so freaking angry. i'm mad at myself for thinking that i could copy everything in the last 7 minutes of class, and i'm mad at my teacher for giving us this impossibly hard essay to do with so little time. writing tasks cost 65% of our grades, too. my essay won't even give me a 50; i'm so gonna fail this class ;-;

argh! i get mad and sad and depressed every time i think about it! >:(

on a light note, i think that i actually did pretty good on my AP bio test yesterday. i didn't know only a couple of the questions on the test, and i think i did pretty well on the FRQ's :3

on tuesday, jeffrey and i found out that we live in the neighborhoods right across the street from each other. and we both live near the same entrances to our neighborhood, so it was like we were made to hang out easily :D 

lol, we hung out for a bit outside in my neighborhood after i got off of work cuz we had to celebrate :D of course, i had to be extra careful whenever we walked around my house cuz i only told mommy that i was going outside to check something out for a project :P there is no way she would ever let me go outside at 8 at night just to hang out with a boy :P

so yeah, i finally have a friend who lives pretty near me! it's sad that i don't really know anyone in my neighborhood that i can consider as a friend to hang out with, but whatever. i have jeffy now :P

stupid image thingy still isn't working! i can't post any pics! :(

this past wednesday was avatar megan's birthday. shelle had told me earlier last weekend that megan was going through this depression/emo state lately ever since she had a car accident (i know! i was so shocked when she first sent me the text! luckily, she didn't get hurt at all, just her dad's car did), saying that she has no friends except for us and stuff. i was not expecting anything like that at all.

but when i called her to wish her a happy birthday, she basically told me everything that she had told shelle, so i guess it's really true then. shelle and i are going up there tomorrow to celebrate her birthday with her and cheer her up. and most likely give her lots of advice and encouragement and try to make her get out of her shell. 

i really don't understand why she's like this, tho. if she doesn't have any friends [and i'm assuming that she wants friends], then why can't she get over her fear and do something about it? i mean, she has to branch out and talk to people. she needs to develop social skills cuz she'll need them later on when she gets a job and stuff.

i am really thirsty now...prolly should get up and get something to drink...yeah, i should do that...if only my laziness wasn't so bad, lol :P

i guess that's if for now. 

ttyl :P

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