Sunday, October 17, 2010

woot! :D

just finished all of my epically long homework! :D all i hafta do now is study for my AP bio test a bit more.

so yeah, this week was pretty quick, school-wise anyway since i only had 3 days of it :3

not much happened. apparently, shelle and haley ran into each other at the fair on wednesday and she gave haley my number, so we text each other now. i don't text with jeffy that much anymore :(

oh yeah, on thursday, haley texted me asking for some guy phone numbers cuz she wanted to meet new people, particularly guys i'm assuming, lol. in the end, i gave her jeffy's number cuz he's cool, and i think that he once asked me to set him up with someone...? not sure, but i think it was from a text.

i know that i've said this many times before, but it's true and i have to keep on reminding myself of my problem or else i'll never stop it: i am a book shopaholic.

i can't stop buying books! i spent $125 on books on ebay this past week buying a whole bunch of manga. and then, i just spent $44 online buying 6 more books and manga. D:

it's not like i'm wasting all of my money on full-priced books, they're all on sale and/or SO CHEAP that i have to buy them cuz i'm saving so much money in the end. ^__^ like the manga i bought on ebay, i bought 35 manga for only $125, which is really cheap since most manga cost around $10 a volume.

it's not like i regret buying all of these books [okay, so maybe i do a little... >_>], it's just that i start despairing when i think of trying to find time to read all of them. my TBR pile is big enough as it is! adding 41 more books to the pile is ALOT, even excluding the fact that manga are much quicker to read than novels. and it's not like i have any free time as it is, what with school and babysitting taking over the majority of my life :P

anyway, i've been on goodreads lately and finally finished organizing all of the books that i've read [the ones that i remember, anyway :P] and own, so if you want to check out all of the books that i've finished reading, am reading now, am going to read, didn't finish reading, and own, check out my profile here.

i've been debating on whether i should start doing In My Mailbox that's hosted by The Story Siren, which basically is a weekly post of all of the books that you've got in the past week, since i bought so many books recently, and thought that it'd be fun to see how many books come in the next few weeks.

however, since this blog is just about my life in general, and not a book blog [altho for a while, i did focus on books :P], i'm not so sure if i should? ...well, i just finished reading exactly what IMM is about, and it has convinced me to join! :D lol, it says that i don't have to participate every week, so i'll just do it every week that i have a bunch of books come in. or whenever i remember to do it.

unfortunately, i can't do it for this past week since shelle took my camera for her savannah trip this weekend. maybe i'll post my first IMM up if i can find our old family camera, where ever it is, lol. now that i've decided to join, i want to do it now! :D

dood! JYJ's AMERICAN ALBUM CAME OUT!! i listened to it yesterday! they're engrish is pretty good, lol. it's just not the same without yunho and changminnie, tho... :(

but the album pics are...WHOA.

...the picture uploader isn't working again! argh! i can't put any pics up again! 

i'll try to upload the pics later, then. 


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