Monday, October 11, 2010

funnel cake is...


lol, i never realized how much i missed eating funnel cake until i had some at the fair yesterday. it's the best fried pastry ever :3

the fair was pretty fun yesterday. altho none of my friends came, i had fun hanging out with shelle and her friends. the rides were AWESOME. i totally love the Zipper. it's so awesome, i can't even explain it :P and curly fries with cheese and ketchup is also great.

but i hated the fact that we had to bring brian along cuz no one else could take care of him [which is a total lie; he could have spent the day over at our cousins' house like usual] since both of our parents weren't going to be home either. i mean, i have to spend 6 days a week babysitting him and four other kids; i don't want to look after him ON MY ONLY DAY OFF. >:( fuckin pissed me off.

plus, he's at the naive age of being duped by "great deals!" at the fair, so it was really annoying having to always make sure that he wasn't being sucked in by all of the rip-off games at the fair even tho he has no money.

but yeah, i ran into evan and joseph at the fair later on at night. they looked older than i remembered, but then again, everyone's growing up, lol. and joe is so freakin tall that it's insane. 

then i found out from evan that he's going to korea for an audition for JYP cuz he was invited after they saw some videos of evan singing online. that is INSANE. i can't believe it. if he makes it and becomes a trainee for JYP, then that'll mean that i'll actually know a kpop celeb in the future! that thought alone is crazy itself O_O

my feet were killing me by the time we got home. we walked for so long [went in around 2 and left around 7:30] and so much, man. i was surprised to wake up and not feel any aches at all, lol. 

krista's coming over tomorrow. she's actually coming over early in the morning which is shocking since she usually never wakes up until noon when she can, but since i'm so special and so we can have more time together, she's coming over around 9:30-10 in the morning. 

lol, i've already came up with an idea for her christmas present. it's gonna be epic. the theme is zombies. she's gonna flip. :D

lol, heechul's gangtsa engrish is hilarious. but it's so him. his personality is awesomely unique XD

that's all for now. laters~

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