Friday, September 24, 2010


back from the movies and fresh from the shower! :D

the movie was pretty okay. i mean, this movie was geared towards little kids so it was obvious how it would end and the characters were pretty predictable. however, i really liked the accents XD and the visuals were really good; the owls were amazingly detailed.

anyway, i'll give you a short summary of what has happened lately cuz i'm lazy [like you didn't know :P] and i kinda forgot some of the details. 

last week sucked cuz in AP lang, we have to do a journal every morning for 10 minutes. well, he finally graded them and he basically killed my journal cuz he couldn't read my handwriting since i wrote too small and in light ink and since i wasn't specific enough and stuff. there was a whole bunch of his writing on every page. so yeah, i made a 65 on it and since it counts as a big chunk of my grade, i now have a 70 in his class. and since i had him in first period, that just started my day off splendidly -__-

and then mrs. edger told me that i had to write in darker ink for her essays on tests cuz she couldn't read it, which made her the 3rd teacher this year to complain about my writing. she wasn't mean about it or anything, but it made me realize that i prolly do need to fix my writing if that many people are complaining.

and there were tests and quizzes galore both last week and this week to keep me busy. add a phone to the mix with people texting me all the time, i did not have any free time :P

i still don't have any this weekend either. tomorrow, i'm taking all of the kids to the March of the Dimes Walk-a-thon at my high school track to do it with shanice. after we're tired from that, my uncle's gonna drive us back home and shanice and i are going to spazz while watching the dance battles XP and on sunday, i'm going to be locked up in my room studying and doing my homework.

what is up with blogger today? i can't upload any of the pics on my computer and now i can't even pull up the insert image thinger >:( now i can't upload any of the awesome pics i found lately.

today, there was a pep rally. my 7th period teacher told the class yesterday that we were going to go to both pep rallies again, but today, we had a sub with instructions to take us only to the 2nd rally. well, that really pissed off most of the class cuz the majority were freshmen and sophomores who wanted to go to the 1st pep rally. so they left the class even tho the sub told them not to; he didn't bother to stop them cuz he had already called one of the assistant principals to come down and talk to the class.

by the time he came, only 5 people remained in the class: the only seniors and juniors and 2 freshmen. so we didn't get in trouble, but the rest of the class will be on monday, and they're most likely not be able to go to any more pep rallies.

the pep rally was pretty interesting. there was a lot of dancing, and they turned off half of the lights in the gym so everyone who had glowsticks, were glowing and stuff. lol, the senior side was packed and they were way more into it than the junior side. we're so unenthusiastic :P

i'm tired. i didn't get to go to bed until midnight this morning cuz shelle came in and stayed on my bed the whole time making new ringtones and doing stuff on her laptop. and i have to wake up early and exercise...i kinda wish that i hadn't agreed to do the seems like too much work for in the morning... :P

since i can't upload anything, i'll try again later. i guess that's it for tonight then.

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