Thursday, September 16, 2010

i can't wait for this week to be over

i'm so stressed out and depressed right now. 

i started my period this morning, so i guess that's why it's even worse and why i've been feeling more depressed as the week went on. 

but yeah, i don't have any free time until sunday [i've been extremely busy studying my butt off and doing homework all week] since i'm going to a debate competition on saturday. if i knew that i'd be so stressed out and tired, i prolly wouldn't have gone and filled out the papers for the trip >_>

anyway, i'm tired. i haven't been getting much sleep this whole week because i've been studying or shelle was bugging me when she finally got home [she gets home so late now...], so i'm gonna go to bed now.

even with all of this last minute cramming [yeah, cramming isn't good anyway...don't judge me! i've had alot on my plate this week! :P], i'm pretty sure i'm gonna fail my AP bio test tomorrow... ;-;


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