Monday, September 6, 2010

internet's back! :D

the windstream guy came over this morning and fixed it! apparently, our wireless router was broken or something. we have a new router now and the internet's back! :D

so yesterday was pretty eventful. since we didn't have any internet, shelle, tawanda [she stayed over all weekend], and i went to books-a-million to do our homework since we get free internet there for being a BAM member.

we left sometime around 5 after i finished making mini chocolate muffins, and we ended up leaving around 9 when they closed.

after that, we went to waffle house to eat. i hadn't eaten there since i turned 15 two years ago, so i really liked it. had a plain buttermilk waffle and a grilled cheese sandwich cuz i hadn't had either in a super long time. it was really good.

and shelle ordered some mushroom hash-browns and sausage with gravy with her waffles. since she was so full, i ended up eating her leftovers and was super full by the end of the meal.

so even tho it was 11 at night by the time we came home, we decided to go outside for a walk. but instead, we had a change of plans: shelle wanted to learn how to ride the bike since we finally got a tire pump for our bikes [both bikes had been flat since summer].

so tawanda took the huge green bike while shelle and i took turns learning how to ride my purple bike. i learned how to do it on leann's bike at grandma's house when we went up there during the summer, but i was still kinda shaky and off balanced and stuff. but by the end of the night, i was much better. i only have trouble turning right now ^^V

i really liked riding the bike, trying to go as fast as i could, pedaling and pedaling, my legs pumping so much that they were starting to ache, and the wind blowing at me keeping me cool. yeah, that feeling was really exhilarating XD

so yeah, great night. only bad part was realizing that i had gotten alot of bug bites after i took a shower.

talk later~ i'm supposed to be doing my homework and re-doing my journal for AP lang cuz apparently, i've been doing them wrong the whole time [the majority of the class has, and our teacher didn't bother to tell us until now]. 

but i'm too lazy to do it and i figured that i'm prolly not gonna do good in that class anyway, so what's the point? i feel like such a failure when i say that...


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