Saturday, September 11, 2010

what's been up~

since i've finally caught up on all of my updates for this week, be prepared for a spam load full of asian updates~ :P but i'll get to that in a bit after i talk about real life first, like usual.

unfortunately, nothing that crazy happened this week like all of the other weeks since school started. people are still joking about starting riots, but that's pretty much it. 

altho yesterday, we had our first pep rally, and that was pretty...entertaining. with our new schedule [every year since i've started high school here, there's always been a different schedule; i'm wondering if we'll have something different next year, too], we have an extra long 7th period for days when we have pep rallies since they're at the end of the day with the freshmen and sophomores going to the first pep rally and the juniors and seniors going to the last one afterward. 

since my 7th period teacher was preticipating in the pep rally, the whole class had to attend both prep rallies, so i generally knew what was going to happen by the time the junior and senior class went to the rally, but it was still pretty entertaining the second time around since the people acted even crazier than the first time.

the pep rally was to raise school spirit for our football game against some other county [i know, i have such great school spirit, right? :P], and the theme was MTV School Spirit Awards with guest appearances by famous celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, the Kardashian sisters, and some people from Jersey Shore.

all of the celebs were teachers or students dressed up as them and it was pretty funny. i couldn't believe that mr. kirk was eminem who was the host for it all; this one girl in my 7th period told us that she and her friends helped dress him up and drew fake tattoos on him. and all of our rival schools' people were either nerds or shorties, and of course, there were three guys dressed as girls for the northside's cheerleaders like every year. 

i have to say that this year's pep rally was way better than any of the other ones from last year or the year before. especially since our rival's dance team was a group of five guys dressed up as old men with walking sticks and bad backs that needed "nurses" to help them walk. it was hilarious cuz once they finally got really to attempt to dance, it was our school's dancers turn and when they were done, the three guys from our school stood in line with the old men and then they all started to dance crazily. one guy [i really think it's adam] started dancing with his cane and it was just hilarious. this was one of those "you had to be there" moments to make sense; my storytelling skills suck :P

i hope the school uploads some pictures cuz this was pretty funny.

as i keep on telling everyone, i really don't like this year's workload. i never have any free time. after school, i'm always busy doing homework, studying, or working on something for school. and i have to start studying for the SAT's and ACT's, too. i only have time to get online to do stuff when i'm procrastinating [which is pretty frequent -__-"]. 

i never have time to read anymore. last year, i could finish a book in 1-2 days. this year, so far i've only finished reading one book and it took me around two weeks to finish it. last year, because of the schedule, i had plenty of time to read, but this year, i can't even with the AO's! i have an evil AP teacher who makes us continue our class work during our AO's instead of letting us read and stuff.

since my pile of TBR books is so huge, how am i supposed to find time to read it all? originally, shelle and i were planning on going to cali for christmas, so i figured that i could knock out a couple of books over the break, but now, mommy said that we couldn't go since daddy said that if shelle went in the summer, she couldn't go again in the winter. but we're still gonna ask again. if they still say no, i guess i do have alot more time to read over christmas break then when i'm babysitting and stuff.

but that's too far away~ it's only september and i'm just waiting for the next break we have so i can get an extra day off of school. 

anyway, enough of those depressing thoughts. onto asian entertainment!

something that i noticed lately is that there are alot more idol singers going into acting. there were alot of idol-actors already since the start of this year, but this is the first time that members of so many of my favorite groups are going into acting.

like, donghae and siwon are going to be acting in a thai drama that's a remake of a japanese manga called Skip Beat. the drama's called Glamorous Challenge [or is it called Extravagant Challenge as someone has pointed out?] and both of them are going to be playing the leading male roles! this is donghae's first time acting so i can't wait to see how he'll do. 

i read the first volume of the manga a long time ago, and i didn't like it that much. i mean, it was interesting, but i don't think i was into that type of shojo stories at the time, so maybe i'll like it more the next time i read it? the manga was so popular that it was made into an anime, too.

filming is starting in march of next year, just enough time for me to finish watching jaejoong's drama and some other anime i have! :D

joon is going to be in a short drama with jiyeon from T-ara [she was in God of Study; i love that drama!] called Jungle Fish 2. the drama's about teenagers, so that kind of got my attention since you know, i'm one, too :P it's only eight episodes, so i think i can finish watching it pretty quickly once the subs come out. it starts showing later this month!

and wooyoung's going to be in a drama, too! the drama's called Dream High, and he's going to be one of the main characters in the it. the drama is centered around a celebrity arts school full of students all dreaming of becoming superstars. the fact that it's an art school has made me really want to watch it cuz hellooo~ art schools always have the eccentric people in it!! XD and they're the coolest characters ^^ so i can't wait for it even though it's set to air in january :P

another drama that i'm looking forward to is Flames of Ambition cuz it has Yoo Seungho in it. he was one of the main leads in God of Study that i really liked [what am i talking about? i loved all of the main characters man XD]. altho he's not an idol [straight actor here ^^V], i really like him cuz he's just so cute and he can act and all that jazz. but it's pretty funny, cuz in the drama, he actually has to play as an adult, but in the promo pics, he still looks so young.

SHINee recently did a photoshoot for Lacoste, and i just had to share the pics cuz they look so good XP

changminnie looks so cutely handsome in here! i think this was a pic at an airport...

gotta love the SM family love. they're so adorkable~ XD donghae's hair is shorter! he looks younger when it's short XD

a random pics of JYJ cuz they're awesome even if the other two aren't there, and some of jae cuz he's my bias :P

i found some more pics of their album [which is really good!], and they look AMAZING.

and some wallpapers of them too, altho they're a little small...

found these versions of history in facebook statuses that were pretty funny. history makes so much more sense! XD

2NE1's having their comeback this week! they're being unconventional as usual and releasing THREE music videos! the first one that came out, Clap Your Hands, was really good! i really liked the chorus and tempo and stuff. and the mv was very different, lots of different scenes and outfits.

check it out!

on a random note, yesterday, i found out that a traffic jam in china can last for weeks. it's already been over 10 days since the traffic jam started and it doesn't seem like it's going to let up any time soon. people have been sleeping under their trucks and there have been vendors setting up stalls on the side of the road to sell food and water for the people stuck in the traffic. 

i hope it gets sorted out soon; it must be pretty boring just staying there all day for over a week. but then again, that has got to be one of the best excuse ever: "i'm so late because i was stuck in traffic. yeah, it was so bad that no one could leave for weeks. literally." :P

anyway, i'm gonna go and watch m!countdown now.

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