Saturday, September 4, 2010

my internet's being weird!

the internet has been acting up at my house for the past two days. it's really pissing me off!

on thursday, the internet didn't work on any of the computers at home. at the time, i was okay with that since i had to study for a math test [which i'm most likely sure that i failed] and a latin test for the next day. still, in the end, i still procrastinated and read manga =__="

but yesterday, the internet worked on my mom's laptop, but not mine! every time i turned my laptop on, the WLAN light kept on flickering! i couldn't get on the internet at all! >:( when shelle finally came home, the internet from her laptop wouldn't work either, so i don't think that my laptop's the problem.

i only have internet now cuz i'm over at the cousins' house babysitting, stealing someone's free wi-fi. i didn't have to babysit for the past few days, so i couldn't get on the internet earlier. those two days feel like such a long time, lol :P

i actually wanted to do a post earlier, too! cuz you know, i've noticed that i've only been updating on saturdays lately.

like, on sunday, there was a rumor going around on facebook that there was going to be a shooting on monday at school. krista had came over that day, and i was beginning to feel sick, so i didn't bother going on facebook [not like i went on much anyway >_>]. 

so when sydne and i came to school on monday, we were wondering why there were so many police cars in the parking lot. i saw emily on the way to my locker, and she told me about the whole rumor. a couple people in my first period class didn't go to school because of it. sydne later told me that one of the girls in my class signed out of school after hearing about the rumor cuz she couldn't handle it. 

nothing happened, obviously, since there wasn't any news about it or anything, but still, this has been one exciting year already. on the first week of school, two people were busted for drugs; on the second week, there was an almost car accident in the back parking lot; last week, there was this riot thingy in the lunchroom [this guy stood up on a lunch table and started dancing saying "Give us our rights!" --it happened during my lunch, but i only saw how it started since i sat outside with my friends; the guy was dancing on the table in the main lunchroom-- i don't really wanna talk about it since it's been talked about so much already with so many different stories and info]; and then this week with the shooting rumor. i wonder what'll happen next week?

on the bright side, we have labor day holiday! that means an extra day of no school! on the down side, i have to do so much homework that i really feel like crying whenever i look at it. why does being a junior have so much work? it's such a pain -__-

on another note, i thought that i'd only be in seven clubs this year, but i decided to go back to IE in debate since i'm always telling people to join but i always felt weird since i wasn't even in it anymore. plus, with sydne as my ride home [tho not much these days since she always has to stay after school for her play...], i was gonna end up staying at the practices anyway :P

i finally took a pic of my pile of books that finally arrived since the last post! and the other [smaller] stack of books that i ordered on sale at bookscloseout has shipped sometime last week; i'm expecting them to come some time in the next few days. also, i've been looking at deepdiscount, and i really want to buy a couple of books from there too since they're also on sale! but i've been holding myself back on those since my logic has finally won against my shopaholic self by constantly telling myself that i do not have any room for any more books, nor do i have the time to read them either [altho half the books i want to buy are manhwa which doesn't take me long to read... ^^]. i keep on telling myself no, not yet every time i look at my cart... ;-;

anyway, the promised picture! tada! XD

the pile's shrunk a little already since i read most of the manga and the comic book at the top of the pile [talk more about it later on]. 

i only bought gakuen alice cuz it was on sale for $4, and since i've seen/heard some good reviews for it. plus, it was a comedy, something that i can't get enough of XP so i read both volumes in a couple days while procrastinating and stuff, and it really is funny! i also really like it since there's no heavy drama about people being in love since the manga is about little elementary kids with powers and stuff. of course there's always a fangirl, but it's not bad, and the mystery does make you want to find out what happens next. 

i like the series, but i'm not gonna go out and buy the next volumes anytime soon since i already have alot of manga series that i want to finish first, and since i really want to read my at least 1/4 of the books/novels that i've bought first. i've only been reading manga lately since they're so much shorter to read and satisfy me than being dragged into reading a long book that will definitely distract me more from my homework and studying.

anyway, there's already 22 volumes of the manga out in japan, but tokyopop only has the first 10 volumes out so far, so i can wait a bit more to read it all in one go. there's also an anime of gakuen alice over [i think] the first six volumes. not sure if it's licensed for the US or not, but maybe i'll watch it some time when i ever finish watching alot of other things first...

the other manga/manhwa, i bought the first volumes to them some time during last summer, never really cared about reading the rest of the series that much. but i did want to get at least the second volumes to see if i should continue or not, so i bought them. i bought the fifth volume of legend, too cuz it was really cheap XD

for the Cyanide and Happiness book, it's really a collection of comics from the four creaters of their online comics. i found one of their creaters on deviantart a long time ago, and i really liked his comics, so i decided to support them and buy their book! it's really hilarious, but probably very rude and insulting to some people since they joke about aids and cancer and other weird things.

these are some of my favorites from one of the authors that i found online. 

turns out another book is coming out in october! it's called Ice Cream and Sadness

the rest of the books are self-explanatory. the summaries sounded interesting, and the reviews were good, or i really liked the author's other books and the summaries sounded interesting and the reviews were good :P

there's not much other news since i kinda forgot about them, and i haven't caught up with everything yet since i had no internet lately >:(

but there's this pic of JYJ that was so cute that i wanted to share with you!

that's it for now. i'll try to post later if i ever remember what else happened this week.


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