Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lazy week, busy weekend

It's been a lazy week and a busy weekend. Compared to the previous weeks, this week has been pretty easy since I didn't have any tests or projects to frantically finish, lol. I had a take-home test and a pop quiz, but they weren't so bad and didn't take much time. Plus, I got Friday off since it was Good Friday, so my weekend started early.

So yeah, I basically chilled and watched a lot of anime this week, which I will talk about in another post once I'm done writing everything down, lol. But the next two weeks are going to super busy since I have a test and paper due next week and finals the week after. Luckily for me, I only have to take two finals, and one is just a presentation. 

This weekend isn't even over, but it's already exhausting me, lol. Shena asked me to be a dancer for her school event since they needed another girl, and I agreed because it was the same dance that we did for MViet, so I went to practice with her yesterday to help set up and re-memorize the dance since they changed it a little bit, and that went on from 1:30-6:30. I was so hungry by the end of it since I was too lazy to go get something to eat, lol.

I kind of passed out for a bit a few hours after I got home, lol.

Today is the event, and I've also been strongly persuaded to be a model for the fashion show, so I get to wear a Korean hanbok, which will be interesting. :P After that is the dance, so the other girls and I are going to rush through changing and perform. Hopefully, I won't mess up as much as I did at the MViet performance, lol.

Even though the event is at five, I'm meeting up with Shena in an hour to go look for shirts for our dance before going to the college to finish last minute preparations and hopefully do a final rehearsal. 

Then, tomorrow, my family and I are going to Atlanta to go to the dentist to get our teeth cleaned and see my sis and other family friends, so that's going to take up the whole day when I should be studying or working on my paper. 

All-in-all, even with a three-day weekend, I still have not accomplished any homework. -__-"

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