Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bearstock 2014

So Bearstock was yesterday. Not gonna lie, it wasn't as great as the past years, but I wasn't really expecting it to be since I wasn't a huge fan of the headliners. 

But what really ruined it for my friends and I were the freaking crowd surfers and drunkards in the crowd. We kept on getting hit on the head from the crowd surfers (one guy was fucking smoking when he was crowd surfing!), and there was this group of drunk sorority girls next to us that wouldn't quit pushing and being obnoxious. Plus, one girl blacked out or something and fell in front of us. Luckily, one of her sisters listened to Shanice and took her out of the crowd to get water.

But yeah, we were completely done with the crowd after another crowd surfer got near us again. Not even Krewella or the funny, drunk frat guys next to us made it worth staying in the crowd. Plus, I was hungry, lol. So we ended up leaving to get some food before going to the right side of the stage in front of the LCD screen and watching the concert there. 

When Krewella was done with their set, we went towards the back to see if we could get a picture with them, but they went back onstage for an encore, so I got to take some cool pictures from the back. 

It was so weird seeing the crowd from the outside and not being part of it like every other year. 

All in all, I think Bearstock was still enjoyable since I got to hang out with my friends, but it could have definitely been better. Shanice said that since I'll be legal next year, we should get tipsy enough to enjoy the rowdy crowd instead of getting pissed off at it, lol. We'll see. :P

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