Monday, April 7, 2014

Exploring abandoned buildings...for art :P

Last week, I was helping my friend out taking pictures for his pinhole class, and I ended up taking a lot of cool pictures with my phone.

You see, he wanted to see if either one of us could fit inside the trunk of my car so that he could take multiple pictures and change film without having to find a dark room after every shot. (You have to be in absolute darkness to change film or else the film is ruined.)

After finding out that both of us could fit inside my trunk, we finally fulfilled our desire to see the old abandoned high school nearby and take pictures. (Although it's not totally abandoned; there are hobos and druggies who broke in and are most likely staying in one of the buildings.)

So after he would take a picture, he would climb inside my trunk, and I would close it on him until he knocked against the top to let me know to open the trunk, lol. It was interesting.

But the old high school looked really cool! There was so much broken glass on the ground and broken and boarded windows and rust and steps crumbling and peeling paint and graffiti and disrepair. But then there was newly painted walls and new boards on some windows and plants emerging from the concrete.

There's just something beautiful and hollow in seeing things in abandoned disrepair.

We spent around two hours looking around and taking pictures before we went to the school's dark room so Cam could develop the pictures. Out of the eight he took, only four came out really well. Unfortunately, two of them had splash marks on them because there wasn't enough solution for the film in the tub when he put them in. But they still looked pretty cool.

We're gonna go back and take more pictures, with his pinhole camera and our other fancy cameras, lol. This was an impulsive decision, so we weren't prepared. Next time, we're gonna be ready. And maybe we'll actually go inside, lol.

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