Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kpop Appreciation Post: Donghae & Eunhyuk, B.A.P, BTS, Super Junior M

Been a while since I did one of these... :\ Not gonna lie, I've been more preoccupied with American music these past few months.

Two months ago, Donghae and Eunhyuk released a music video, and I loved it! Being in a group with so many members, you don't really get to hear the two of them sing much, so this song really showcased their abilities, which have definitely improved since their debut.

I really love the song though. Like, I've always loved Donghae's voice, and this song went so well with it, nice and soft and soothing. And he looks so good in the mv (is my bias showing? lol), but then again, they both do.

However, B.A.P had a comeback last month, and I'm really loving it! I really like their song, "1004 (Angel)"! It just has this great rock vibe in the beginning with the guitar that distinctly reminds me of 30 Seconds to Mars, and it just keeps on building up to this head-bobbing rhythm.

Listen to the song yourself!

Like most B.A.P music videos, I really liked it. I especially liked Bang Yongguk's setting. The bleak, stark desert scene with the giant bones sticking out of the ground looked fantastic, and I loved how they made his scenes monochromatic. I liked Zelo's carousel scenes, too. The lighting and effects made it look really whimsical but dark at times.

I haven't gotten to know the members of BTS, but I've been loving all of their songs since their debut! Definitely check out "Boy in Luv", which is not at all sappy like the title seems. :P

Although I think the whole love at first sight thing in the beginning is pretty overused, the badass beat of the song totally makes up for it. I love how they're keeping their promise and are sticking to their tough, gangsta rap theme in their songs.

Super Junior M recently had a comeback, and I really like their everything, lol.

The song is fun and catchy, and they all look great, especially Donghae. XD And he was in suspenders! Ugh, like I needed anymore reason to find him attractive, lol. But seriously, the song is infectious; I can already tell that it's gonna be stuck in my head after I listen to it a few more times.

dat mustache doe...

But I really liked the music video. They didn't follow the typical mv script of following around one girl or just dancing in two or three different rooms. There were actual props and a stylish office with some fancy lights, lol. But Ryeowook holding the two lamps at the end had me laughing.

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