Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Some More Upcoming TV Shows I'm Interested In

Because my brain seems to believe that I have all the time in the world to start watching a bazillion new TV series, here are some more TV shows I'm interested in. I really doubt I'll get around to watching them until they get on Netflix though, lol.

Ground Floor
There's no summary yet, but I'm interested because it stars Skyler Astin, and I loved him in Pitched Perfect. Plus, this is supposed to be a comedy, so it can't be that bad. :P

Black Sails
It deals with pirates. Enough said. :D

Seems very action-y and dramatic since the families are mercenaries and killers. :D Hopefully there won't be any political struggles, because those always confuse me.

I don't know why I'm interested. I guess I'd really like to see how the relation between the girl and the prisoner develop. Obviously not in a romantic way though. :P

It's a modern day retelling of old mythological classics that I've never bothered reading but know the general stories of! Maybe the show will influence me enough to finally read classics like I've been wanting to for years.

Super Fun Night
It has Rebel Wilson in it. It's bound to be hilariously entertaining.

Mind Games
I've been really into watching the complicated relationships between brothers this summer, and the fact that this show involves solving problems using manipulation and motivation makes it even better. It also reminds me of Criminal Minds, another TV show I've been meaning to get into.

The basic summary is about a Cyber Command agent who has Wi-Fi in his brain and how he has a pretty partner to keep him in line. Seems like a futuristic version of Elementary, lol, so it caught my interest.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
This one seems like a really funny cop show unique characters. I'm expecting them to become something like a family like in Community while in the process of solving crimes. I've been really interested in crime shows lately, lol.

So yeah, I am obviously way over my head if I try to watch all of these shows as they premiere--I'm already behind because some of these series have already premiered! Who knows if I'll even try to watch any of these until the summer, lol.

Also, for all you TV fans who don't know when your favorite TV show is premiering this fall, TV Line has made this great calendar of all of the big premieres. The ones in bold are the new series. Click on the picture to enlarge.

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