Sunday, October 13, 2013

dogs are adorable

I hung out with Shanice and Meethu today, which was fun.

Meethu's family had officially finished moving everything to their new house last Friday, so we went over to see it and Sophie, her puppy who has grown three times as big as the last time we saw her in the summer. She's a pyrenees, so she really grew quickly during the few months that we haven't seen her.

After finishing watching this Thai horror movie, Shanice brought her dog, Momo, over, and it was the cutest thing ever watching them interact. Even though Sophie is like, four times as big as Momo (she's a shiba inu and kind of small for her size), Sophie was still kind of afraid of Momo whenever Momo ran towards her, lol. Then they would take turns following each other around. Super cute. It makes me long to have pets around again. -__-"

I'm really sad that I didn't take any pictures, but they were running all over the backyard when they first met, lol. But here's a really cute wolf and her pups gif that I found yesterday instead. Totally irrelevant, I know. :P

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