Saturday, October 26, 2013

basically fall makes me want to go outside :P

I like how my week starts to unwind once it's Wednesday so that the later half of my week is less stressful unless I have a test on Friday, which rarely happens anymore for some reason, lol. And it's been so long since I've really unwound with my friends that I really missed how easy it is to just hang out and chill.

Like, we had Battle of the Bands Thursday night, and it was so relaxing and chill. I loved it. And that was because it took place outside, so I was laying on a blanket with my friend, listening to great music and enjoying everything: the weather, the music, the atmosphere, the clouds. 

I forgot how much I loved being outside during the fall, too. God, I just want to sit outside and let the sun warm me as I do my homework or read a book, it feels so great.

That's why I wanted to hangout outside when I met up with my other friend after classes on Friday, lol. We sat at tables outside and talked before just walking around campus and talking before taking a detour to the registrars to sort some things out and going to a tie-dye event at 3 before walking around some more before going to eat. It felt really great just walking outside.

Now I'm stuck inside procrastinating on doing some homework while I wait to see when I can come over to my other friend's house, lol. 

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