Tuesday, October 29, 2013

going to be a hermit for a while (with computer issues :\)

I have a test next Monday that I really need to study for and lots of homework and reading to do due Thursday, so I'm probably going to be absent until then. Or I could be updating frequently as I procrastinate. Like usual. XD

We'll see. 

But probably not because my laptop has been acting really strange for the past few weeks not letting me get on the internet. It says that I'm connected to my wi-fi, but something's blocking my laptop from receiving any signal so I haven't been using my laptop lately.

When I tried to figure out what was wrong last week, a pop-up said something about my I.P. address already being used? I'm not sure; I accidentally exited out of it before I finished skimming it since I thought it was a normal spam pop-up.

I don't know. I'll try to figure out what's wrong after my test is over. Hopefully it's just something with the router instead of my laptop. I really don't want my laptop to be broken...

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