Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Finally Feels Like Fall

Today finally felt like fall. :D The leaves were changing colors, there was wind, and it wasn't 80 degrees. I loved it!

Even though the breeze was a little too strong to have papers out, I really wanted to do some homework outside at one of the tables on Cruz Plaza since it felt so nice. Unfortunately for me, the one time I actually felt motivated to do homework was when I didn't have any homework or any electronic devices on me to do any homework. -__-" It just figures...

But anyway, I love fall! Finally time to bring out the boots and sweaters and cardigans and beanies! I'm actually interested in getting some scarves now, too, lol. Have I finally reached hipster status after all of these years denying it? :P

Not gonna lie though, I've been extremely exhausted these past few days. I know it might be because I only got three hours of sleep Saturday night and haven't been getting more than seven hours the rest of the week, so I'm really behind on sleeping. But I wish I could get out of this unmotivated funk that seems to cling to me along with exhaustion.

...and I'm procrastinating. I need to finish reading this chapter before I goof off and sleep since we might have a pop quiz tomorrow. D:

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