Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fiction Addiction

I was trying to catch up on my bajillion YouTube subscriptions earlier, and I watched this video from danisnotonfire called "Fictional Friends." In the video, he talks about how he became addicted to a tv show and how it kind of ruled his life...

Basically, Dan's video pretty much accurately sums up how my tv addictions have taken over my life these past few months. -__-" First, my addiction was Kpop before deviating to anime for a short while before obsessing over Teen Wolf this summer, and now I'm stuck on Supernatural. I'm still not caught up with the newest season, but that's because I've only just started getting into the Supernatural fanfiction... -__-"

But yeah, you should definitely watch his video! It explains the fandom tumblr users so well, lol.

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