Thursday, August 9, 2012

To Canada!

I'm going to Canada tomorrow with my family minus my bro since he still has to go to school. Sucks for him since we'll be gone until Tuesday. 

Apparently, my dad has been wanting to go to Niagara Falls for a while now. He had wanted the whole family to go some time earlier this summer, but when he found out how expensive it was, he decided not to go. But then a few weeks ago, my dad changed his mind and wanted us to go again. Shelle thinks it's because earlier this summer, my dad thought that he would have to pay around $15,000 for our tuition, but since I have enough scholarship money to pay for my bill, my dad only has to pay around $6,000 for Shelle, which is why he decided to go to Canada after all. 

So yeah, we're going to Canada! Lol. Not sure what we're going to do there besides visit Niagara Falls, but Shelle has been looking into stuff, so I'm sure we'll have plenty to do. Although the weather says that it'll be raining for two of the days that we'll be there, so I'm not exactly sure what we'll do on those days...

I'm just hoping that we'll go to a Chinatown or something and I'll be able to find some Kpop stuff. I still haven't really gotten anything for Krista for her birthday even though it passed two weeks ago, so I'm really hoping that I can find her something awesome in Canada. 

And now I need to go. I still haven't really packed yet. -__-"


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