Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm Back.

Came home around one this afternoon with my family. We got up around 1:30 this morning to get ready to leave our hotel by two so we would have plenty of time to return our rental car and get our tickets and such at the airport before our plane left at six in the morning. (We had too much time on our hands there; the ticket machines weren't open until 3:30!)

Throughout the whole car ride and airport, I've only been able to get small snatches of sleep, and when we finally came home, instead of knocking out like everyone else, I unpacked and caught up on a lot of youtube videos. -__-" My sleepiness is slowly getting to me. I think I'll go to bed early tonight. There's lots to do for the next few days--actually, the next few weeks. 

My orientation starts on Friday, so Shelle and I have to finish moving the rest of our things to the apartment by then. Luckily for us, we only need to move our clothes and other necessities there and do grocery shopping. But I also have to read this book called The Whisper of the River by Ferrol Sams for my FYS class, which I knew that I should have already read earlier this summer since I don't even know how I'm going to find time to read it in between shopping and moving and orientation (which lasts until next Monday night, the day before school starts). :\

But yeah, Canada was fun. Half of the time exasperating and irritating because of my parents, but fun nonetheless. I'll post about it if I have any free time/feel like rehashing everything out. :P

For now, settle for some pics.

Leaving the airport in Canada to go to our hotel.

Visited the CN Tower.

The view from up high.

Can you spot the Rubix Cube-like building? :P

Visited Niagara Falls.

Visited the Royal Ontario Museum. It's massive.
You have to see it in real life; it's so detailed and intricate!

Accurate picture is accurate. XD

Oh, how my Latin fails me after not taking it for one year. -__-

The outside of the museum. 

The graffiti downtown is awesome.

So yeah, that's basically all that we did in Canada. 

I'm gonna go watch some B.A.P videos now. :P



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