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so, i actually have an hour or 2 to blog about my whole thanksgiving break and fangirling and stuffid, but i really dont feel like it and the post would be extremely long with all of the pictures and videos. so i figured that i'd just post all of the random news i've been accumulating for the past week and a half first, and then write about my experiences later (in more detail if i even bother summerizing ^^").

this is mainly because i have a bajillion tabs opened up, am downloading alot of things, and my desktop is more than halfway full of pics and other stuff. meaning, my laptop is slowing down and will prolly crash or do something stupid ...eventually.

i mean, just look at my desktop.
you like my new background? :D it has spaceships XD

i found a site a while ago that had hundreds of wallpapers, so i've got alot now. ^__^

anyways, thanksgiving was fun at grandma's. everyone came over for a party meaning that i got to see martin, tommy and steven's cute little bro. i brought the camcorder along, too, to try and get nicole since she always managed to avoid our super old, super slow camera, and we ended up filming alot of the usual randomness of grand-kids (almost everyone was camwhoring tho, which i kinda expected since they always camwhore the camera).

but the night before, shelle and i slept over at megan and nicole's new house. we decided to wake up early to go watch ninja assassin cuz it just came out that day, but we already missed the last showing. so we decided to stay over at megan's place and go to the first showing on thanksgiving cuz grandma was having a get-together and we didnt want to miss too much of it.

the first showing was at 11:50 and we didnt get carded or anything when we got the tickets :D we were 20 minutes early and shelle wanted to leave to get something to eat since we didnt have breakfast yet (everything else in the mall was closed) but we wasted time going around the parking lot (megan can drive and has her own car) and realized that there was no fast food place near and the movie was starting REALLY soon, so we went right back to the movie theater.

ninja assassin was pretty awesome. i might be a little biased tho, since i got to see joon and hear his engrish XP but yeah, the beginning and how the girl survived in the end were kinda lame. but the fight scenes were amazing.

and i couldnt help laughing a little when joon said, "you shouldnt do dat." cuz he said that on a radio show one time and it was just adorable. even tho he was bald in the movie, he was still good looking :3

then i find out that the boy playing the role as little raizo (rain) is mini-jaejoong! he played the younger version of jae in their balloons mv a while back. and he appeared as little shinki on star king with the rest of the younger versions of DBSK.

i cant believe that the little boy was also korean! i mean, the producer/directer auditions hundreds of people from other asian countries! so i cant believe that all of rain's younger versions were already well-known koreans!

i wonder what nationality the girls are...

a pic of them all. i still cant believe it's mini-jae, tho. i hardly recognize him.

also, we (nicole, megan, shelle, and i) found a little shop that sells authentic korean cds! we were at the Super H Mart, this big korean store, kinda like the Farmers Market our parents go to (it's a big asian store that alot of viets go to) when shelle said that she wanted to go to the bakery outside on the other side of the plaza.

i think the whole place is called a plaza, it's basically the shape of a square with one side an opening to come in or out and the other sides lined up with stores (most written in hangul). the H Mart is right in the middle cuz it's so huge and the bakery was on one of the sides.

so after we bought our snacks, we walked to the bakery. we got near an open door about halfway through the side when i noticed that there was a shinhwa poster on it. so i was like, let's go in, there's a poster of a boy band on the door!

the place was kinda small and cramp from all of the merchandise; it reminded me of the small anime store james brought shelle and i to when we were in california.

but yeah, they had all of the latest idol cds there: mirotic, 2NE1, sorry sorry, heartbeaker, 1:59, genie, and some other ones. but they were super expensive and i could get them half of their price on yesasia.

they had some posters, but none of the bands that i loved. they only had one poster remotely to a band that i liked and that was a big bang poster from a concert, and you couldnt even see their faces on it.

and there were alot of other stuff there, too. bags, plushies, a giant stuffed hello kitty, umbrellas, notebooks, dvds, etc.

but nothing screamed at me to buy (except for some cds, but i held myself back XD), so i didnt get anything. maybe when i have more money, i'll come back and get something.

oh yeah, the first thing that happened when we were in there, was that i recognized that the song that was playing was hongki's version of still-as ever from you're beautiful! i couldnt believe it! and the last song that we heard when we finally left was a song from 2PM!

it just made me like the store even more. even tho we dont even know what the store's called since the sign was written in hangul -__-"

a few days ago, taecyeon got a bloody note written from a girl's period. that was so disgusting. you can read the whole thing (and see the pictures) at allkpop; it's already gotten more than a thousand comments.

the note basically said that she dedicated her period to taecyeon, written with it's juices. *gag*

what made it worse was that the crazed fan even uploaded a picture of her pad as proof when people started saying that she was lying that the letter was written with her menstrual juices.

i really dont know what to say other than, some fans are too obsessed. it's beyond weird. it's disturbing.

you're beautiful's over! i watched the last episode at grandma's with shelle and nickel. i cant believe it's over already. i hope they make a sequel or something.

but, now i can start watching iris, which has TOP as a hot assassin in it. krista's already starting watching it and she's hooked. the 1st season's almost over tho, but they already announced that there's gonna be a season 2, so alot of ppl arent mourning yet :P

and then i found out that jae turned down being a cast for it! man, do you know how awesome that would be if he was also gonna be in it?! and if he turned out to be an assassin, too?! man, he'd be one hot killer. i mean, look at this guy.

i could of sworn that i had a pic of him holding a gun from taegoon's music video, but i guess i cant find it. anyways, just imagine this piece of hotness holding a gun. he wouldnt even need to do anything but tell you to kill yourself for the job to be finished XD

has heaven's postman been subbed yet? i really wanna watch it! jae looks awesome!

The Wallflower aka Perfect Girl Evolution is being made into a drama! and KAT-TUN's Kazuya Kamenashi is gonna play the lead role. i'm not that into KAT-TUN, but i've seen a couple of dramas some of their members were in, and they were pretty good. so i'm excited to watch it, since i've already watched half of the anime with my sis and cousins a year or 2 ago (yeah, it's been a while -__-" but i still remember it! XD). it airs on jan 15th; gotta remember that.

and check out this awesome shirt i found! some easy japanese words that anyone can learn XD you can get it here.

and this made me sad. jae shouldnt cry. the MAMA (mnet asian music awards, they changed it from MKMF - mnet korean music festival) was not as great as last year. trot singers, SM, and some other groups boycotted it so alot of awards were given to groups who didnt really deserve it, jae was still missing even tho he deserved to be there, and jaechunsu attended and received an award on the behalf of DBSK which really pissed SM off.

you can read it all on allkpop.

on a lighter note, f(x)'s amber looks alot like many male idols, lol. she's compared to SHINee's jonghyun, SUJU's donghae and kibum (in some pics), and now, even DBSK's mickey.

it's 11, i gotta go. i'll finish blogging about everything else later.


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