Sunday, December 13, 2009

gonna be busy from now til next year

right now, i should be studying for 3 tests tomorrow, but i'm on a quick break right now, so it's okay :3 i'll just do this post in between studying and everything.

i have finals on the last 3 days of this week. i'm exempting everything (passed math by a point! i really need to bring my grade up in there), but i still have to take my world history final because it's good practice for the AP texts next semester. the final wont count unless it could bring my grade up (i doubt it, tho).

so i just hafta go to school tomorrow and tuesday, and go to school in the afternoon on wednesday. i got the rest of the week off to catch up on everything and pack cuz the family's going to florida next sunday to go to disney world one day and somewhere else another day, i forgot what it's called, but it's got to do with space and stuff.

we'll come back home on tuesday and we'll go to grandma's house, i think the day before christmas. i cant wait for school to be over!

last weekend, shelle and i went christmas shopping cuz that would be the only time we could buy presents for everyone (she's gonna be at college for the rest of the week because of finals). i spent all of the birthday money i got this year, so i'm basically broke.

shelle and i got mommy, daddy, grandma, and grandpa a sweater, all around $20 each except mommy's, her's was around $13-14. we got brian a jacket for $17 cuz his jackets look lame. i got megan this really soft blanket for $20 and nicole a wallet for $9, and shelle got megan a sweater and nicole a pajama set that included a blanket.

for all of our cousins, the ones at home and at grandma's, we're just baking cookies for them and putting them into bags. dont have enough money for everyone, i mean, that's around 10 kids we'd hafta get presents for. not to mention, we'd prolly hafta give amber and tommy and his siblings things, too, if they came to grandma's house (most likely), so cookies are good enough.

oh yeah, megan got me DBSK's mirotic cd for my birthday! it came when we were over there for thanksgiving, i just forgot to tell you about it in my last post. it's so cool! i love it!

actually, while we were up there for thanksgiving, shelle and i ordered some stuff from yesasia. she got the 2PM first album, a big bang keychain and postcards for someone's christmas present, a keychain for her phone, and i got SUJU's sorry sorry cd. but, cuz shelle's keychain is taking so long to find, we're prolly gonna get our stuff after christmas, at the latest, next year on the 4th.

here's some pics of all of the bags and stuff we got from shopping for everyone's presents. we were in the kitchen cuz we were too tired to bring everything upstairs. shelle brought down her laptop and we were sorting everything out and stuffid. there were actually alot more bags, but by the time i thought of taking any pictures, we had already took our bags and stuff out and brought them upstairs.

and then, last monday, i went to wally world with daddy to get some stuff, and i got these post-it letter and numbers that are supposedly good for posters. when shelle came home and saw it, she opened it to see what it was and accidentally took a 2 out, so i just stuck it on my wall. so after looking at them, shelle was like, "we've gotta do something about that 2 [the one on my wall]. what goes with 2?" and i immediately said, "2PM!" so in the end, we spent around 2 hours spelling out, sticking, and rearranging the letters and numbers all of our favorite bands on my wall around my huge transformer poster.

the names on the top are our absolute favorite. which is why DBSK/TVfXQ is at the very top XD and RJA stands for red jumpsuit apparatus, we didnt have enough letters for them. we ran out of I's so we couldnt put other bands on there either.

i just saw this video that some argentina fans made for DBSK called TVXQ in One Word that was really incredible. it was a really good project idea. one of the fans even played Love in the Ice on the violin for the background music to it, and it sounds really good, too. plus, there were some US fans representing in there, too! :P

oh yeah, do you remember when i talked about taecyeon got a bloody letter written from a girl's period? well, joon from MBLAQ got a bloody letter, too, but this time, it's from a fan's real blood. she slit her wrist and wrote with her blood to joon; she even took pictures. in a message, she talked about how taec's fan couldnt even write a letter right (using her period blood) and that to do it right is with your REAL blood.

in her letter to joon, written in her blood, she said that he meant everything to her and that she loved him. obviously too much. or she's just demented herself. i'm leaning towards the latter.

speaking of joon, tho, i found these pics of joon before he debuted, and they're adorable!

i didnt know that he took ballet. it reminded me of hangeng since he used to do that, too, but i've never seen any pics of him doing it unlike joon.

and then i found some pics of DBSK when they were in high school! i'm not sure if some are when they were actually in school cuz the junsu and yoochun one looks like from one of their early albums.

and i found some fanart of DBSK, too. fans are so talented, i'm so jealous XD
junsu and his dolphin noises XD

remember, jae always says that he wants an elephant

the hungry makne changminnie

and bear yuhno

i wish that i could draw half as good as this person could

and here are some more DBSK wallies, not a whole spamful like last time :3
look at these pics of A.N.Jell, arent they adorable? i still cant believe that the drama's over!

and a random pic of blond hangeng from the dont don days. just cuz i really like it ^__^

MBLAQ is the next group hosting idol army! i cant wait to watch it! the last group to host it was 2PM, and they were hilarious (when are they not? XD), so they've got some expectations to fill. one of the MC's is jung joori, and she's hilarious, so i think they'll be fine. especially since joon is already 4-D and mir is funny, too.

oh yeah, joon posted a pic of his script in ninja assassin online a while ago. it's always interesting to see people's different handwritings, especially asian celebrities since you know, it's not their first language.

and now for some random MBLAQ pics :P

i dunno, i find this one kinda funny for some reason. must be cuz of joon's smile :D
he looks really good in these 2 pics, he always looks good in magazines

and then he looks really adorkable in here

mir and thunder look adorkable too XP

and now it's time for me to go.

but before i do...



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