Thursday, December 17, 2009

my last day of school for 2009!

and ya know what i found out earlier today, yesterday could of been my last day of school. today, tomorrow, and friday are finals and i exempted everything. but because this is the first year where the students can exempt the first semester finals (used to be the 2nd semester only), AP teachers had some meetings and stuff cuz the finals were good practice for the exams at the end of the year.

in the end, they told us that we still had to take it. but for the people who exempted, the final wouldnt count unless it could help your grade (and that may not happen either -__-). luckily, i had AP for third period so i only had to go to school at 1 in the afternoon (finals for the first 3 periods on wednesday, 3rd and 4th on thursday, and 6th and 7th on friday) and then i got to go ride the bus home around 2 hours later.

but when i came to the classroom, i found out that we DIDNT HAVE TO TAKE THE FINALS. WE DIDNT HAVE TO COME. IT WAS NEVER MANDATORY. everyone was in disbelief. only 4 or 5 people didnt exempt the class, and only one person didnt show up and that was anthony.

and all mr. jenrette could say was: "but it's good practice."

i'm pretty sure i didnt do so good on the first 50-60 questions (there were 150 in all) since they were all from the first few chapters we learned. and i'm pretty sure i didnt do so well on the chapters with the indian civilizations and the abbasid empire and the other chapters i never really liked enough to remember about. but i think i did okay with chapters about asian countries and china's influence on japan, korea, and vietnam.

on the bright side, even tho i woke up around 6 in the morning for a bit, i slept til 8 and never felt better! and i realized that if i had went to school at that time, i'd only be 10-20 minutes late for school. school should seriously start later. or better yet, it should only last for 3 or 4 hours :P

the cd that i bought for krista online last week finally came. she told me that she wanted a cinema bizarre album, not single, but i couldnt find any without it costing around $30-40, so i bought her one of their singles, i came to party, and i'm gonna burn her some cds of their albums if i can find them online.

what's really cool is that the package was shipped all the way from germany! the case has a little crack (i bought it used on amazon and it said that it was in good condition), but hopefully krista wont mind ^__^"

mommy's been asking about the presents we got for her and everyone all day (not really, but you know what i mean). she asked about it when she was driving me to school and was looking in my closet trying to find out where we hid them.

saw this pic a few days ago. thought it was cute.

they released another picture for their show idol army which starts today! technically yesterday in korea, tho. cant wait for the subs!

and i realized that i've never really posted any pics of seungho, their leader. he's pretty cool :D

couldnt help laughing at some of the predebut pictures of 2PM. they basically look the same, but khun's hair is so funny! XD

and, on a recent fanmeeting, jae pointed at junsu's [duck!]butt and now there are pictures and they are hilarious! i love jae's smile as he turns and walks away; he's just so adorkable.

and you remember a while ago, i was talking about how jae could of been an assassin or something on iris if he didnt turn it down? i dont remember if i ever found a pic of him holding a gun or not, but i found one now. :D not the one i was looking for, but good enough.

SUJU and SNSD/girls generation collabed to make a music video together called seoul song to help promote korea (the korea tourism ppl have been really into promoting korea this year). the mv is really cute; there are couples between the groups which are adorable.

i love how SUJU leader leeteuk is helping SNSD leader taeyeon keep up with shiwon, and the makne's are so cute [especially kyu], and i love donghae always dancing and sooyoung doing ballet and THEY SHOULD TOTALLY MEET, but they dont, and the shindong and sunny's parts are really funny and adorable. you need to watch it even tho i basically spilled everything for you XP

and SUJU released another music video i think last week, called sorry sorry answer which is basically a remixed version of sorry sorry. it's freakin awesome. i especially like eunhyuk and donghae's rap. it goes so well in there. and when they say precious love together, i cant help but squeal XD

...yeah, i think that's it. i think i wont be able to update for a while or be too lazy to update -__-", but i'll do what i can. you know me, i dont explain my experiences or trips half the time cuz they're so long. :P

so, sayonara for now.

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