Friday, December 25, 2009



i'm at my grandma's house right now and it's been very crazy since everyone's come over. -__- the little kids are goin crazy while all of the older cousins are on their laptops.

i'm eating homemade frozen yogurt right now and it's tasty. and i think leann is reading over my shoulder while playing with my hair. i'm right :P

steven and martin's mom made banana and yogurt ice cream. nickel has been asking for some. i think it's already been five minutes. i'm almost out of frozen yogurt :(

i feel kinda self-conscious since a certain purple monkey who's name starts with an "L' is reading everything i write over my shoulder.

my hands are frozen from the fro-yo. =__="

anyways, happy holidays. i'll tell ya about everything later when a certain purple monkey isnt reading everything out loud.

look at them, arent they cute? BEAST+MBLAQ=MBLEAST which is pretty awesome

and you cant forget DBSK cuz they're amazing XD


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