Thursday, December 3, 2009

i really dont know what to say

on the 1st, this tuesday, someone that i knew was stabbed to death. his name was vu, i was never really close to him since our families hardly ever got to see each other (i hadnt seen him in years), and he was 7-8 years older than me anyways. but vi and leanne from FL were really close to him and his siblings, so i know that it really hurt them.

vu was killed at a bakery because of a jealous or possessive ex of his current girlfriend. the articles say that there was an argument at first but things got worse where the ex pulled out a knife and stabbed vu 7 times in the chest (got that info from mommy). luckily, the bastard turned himself in to the police later on and is in jail now.

i really dont know what to say or feel. i mean, this is the first [and i hope will be the only] time that someone that i know died. but i barely even remember vu, i was never close to him; i remember going over to their house one time for a party or something, but it's pretty vague.

and you know how i posted something a couple of months ago about vi's dad having a heart attack after mowing the lawn? well, it wasnt vi's dad, it was vu's.

i feel so sorry for their family. first they lose their dad, and now they lost a brother. vu's funeral is this saturday. mommy said that she and daddy will prolly go; vi and leanne's families are going.

i've only went to a funeral once, and that was when i was little, prolly around 5-8. all i remember was following shelle, an, and quy around the place getting money to buy bags of hot fries out of the vending machine. and people standing around outside during the cremation part; i remember an old woman crying.

that funeral, i didnt really know who died. i'm kinda glad i'm not going to this funeral either. i didnt really know vu, and i dont really want to stand around being awkward and watching people cry and talk about him, and pretend to understand what they mean cuz i have no clue how he used to be.

earlier this week, shelle and i had already made plans to go christmas shopping this weekend (we didnt tell the 'rents, they know by now to not even bother asking us if we wanna go anywhere with them) since she's gonna be busy studying for her finals for the rest of the 2 weeks before christmas break; i dont even want to think about it anymore.

i'll update everything else later. i cant believe thanksgiving was only a week ago, it already feels like a long time has passed.

R.I.P. Vu Quang Lu

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