Monday, November 23, 2009

going to grandma's tomorrow!

i'm so excited! i havent been up there since forever. the last time i got to see everyone was shelle's graduation this summer, and that was for a very short time. the last time i got to visit them up in gwinnett was prolly very early this year or last year. so i cant wait :D

also, we (the older cousins, nicole and megan, and shelle and i) are hoping/planning on going to watch ninja assassin when it comes out later this week. gotta support rain and joon! :D

my break officially started when school let out last friday, but shelle still has to go to college today. she was supposed to have a class tomorrow, but it got canceled (lucky!). so we get to go to grandma's a day early! XD

shelle and i are hoping for for letting shelle drive the two of us to grandma's instead of having our dad take us up there cuz he always gives these long lectures about our future and college and stuff.

i mean, i love him, but every time we have dinner together (not much, but still) he's always asking or telling me what i should do when i grow up since i've still been undecided. they told me that i better have an idea what sort of profession i want to do by the end of this school year, since next year i've got early applications and stuffid.

i still dont know what i want to do and i dont want to think about it either. especially since they've already decided on what they want me to do. they want me to be an engineer cuz there arent that many layoffs and i can just stay home and work on the base near home. or daddy wants me to be a lawyer or doctor.

but anyways, it'd be easier and better for the both of us (shelle and i) if she just drove us there since we can have easy access to a car to go to the movies or mall when we're up there.

actually, i feel pretty accomplished. :D i already packed my clothes and know a relative gist of what other stuff to bring (laptop, manga for them to read, brush, etc...). i'm debating on bringing the camera (supremely old and takes blurry pics all the time) or bringing the camcorder cuz that sounds funner, or both.

but i'm still procrastinating. i've got to read this story which i will have a quiz on the first day back, and i've got to read the next chapter in world history and answer the take home quiz (it's actually the chapter test but he's just gonna grade it as a quiz grade) of it for AP world history.

and apparently, we had EOCT's when we get back, too. >:( i thought that we'd get study guides or something for those? or is it only for finals?

so yeah, i dunno when's the next time i'll be able to update since i'll be doing last minute homework next sunday and be busy cramming for the EOCT's after that ^^"

boy band time!

these are some scans of one of the magazines MBLAQ shot that i really liked. they looked really cute in here.

and some 2PM pics from a brownie CF they did. jay should be there :|

so i'm gonna go now... :P

see ya whenever

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