Monday, November 2, 2009

supa quick [got my learners]

alot of [GOOD] things have happened recently, but because i've been procrastinating (like usual) and stuff all day and dont have any time since it's late, i'll fill you up on with the other half hopefully tomorrow.

so yeah, last tuesday right after school, i got my learners permit! it was my third time taking the test, but i finally slowed down and read everything slowly and thoroughly, plus it was raining all day so the computer was slow, and only missed one question!

only down side, i didnt know that they were gonna print my signature on my license, so when i wrote my sig the 2nd time cuz i wrote it too light the first time, i didnt really care about how well it looked, so now i really hate lookin at my signature cuz it's so bad. it's atrocious :P

halloween was just yesterday. i got to hang out with krista for most of the weekend. i'll tell you about it later.

bye for now.

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