Monday, November 16, 2009

my addictions

i cant wait for someone to sub heaven's postman! i mean, jae's in it! and the girl doesnt look unlikeable from what i can see.

and another drama that i'm currently hooked on right now is you're beautiful/minami. the main guy was the main guy from these 2 movies i watched last year and really liked and hongki from ft island is one of the main guys in there, too (HE'S SO CUTE!!)

basically, it's about this girl who's a sister in training who has to impersonate her twin brother to join a super famous band called A.N.JELL for a while cuz her bro's in surgery in america. alot of hilarity and crazyness ensues.

the first episode or two kinda got me irritated because of the way she acted and just cuz of some of the unbelievable plot at times (i mean, if it was in the real world, everyone would of found out that she was a girl just by the way she walks and acts!), but after a while, all of the characters grew on me, and i was dying waiting to see what happened next. i'm so addicted. this is why i usually wait until a drama series is completely out and subbed, so i dont hafta wait for it so bad.

unfortunately, there's only 16 episodes and i've already watched up to ep 11, so altho i'm dying to watch the next ep (ohmygod, the ending part has got me going crazy thinking about what's going to happen to shinwoo!), i'm kinda sad since it's almost over.

anyways, you can watch this amazing drama over at Pyrite5ive's youtube account. they sub it really quick and it's in HD, too :D

anyways, last weekend, i went out with shelle and some of her friends (christina, tawanda, and amanda). we went out to the new china buffet and shelle said that she'd pay for me (mommy gave her $40 to spend on me right before we left the house).

we got seated in a corner of the room and our waiter guy basically ignored/forgot about us the whole time we were there. we waited at least half an hour trying to get his attention to give us the bill. when chris finally went up to the register to ask about our bill, they explained to her that we got the new guy and we finally got our check. we didnt give him a big tip, which i kinda feel bad about now since he was new and all.

and then we went to the mall afterwords. we only went to hot topic and pacsun, which was good enough for me. i ended up getting a couple of shirts, a hat and some buttons. i like this one that has a picture of a ninja head and says "mental ninja." :P

and then, on this saturday, krista came over for a bit to hang out and give me my birfday present; it was the knowing DVD that i wanted to watch.

i forgot to tell you, she got a boyfriend! it's this guy that she was telling me about earlier who was a bigger anime freak than we were who also had some gazette songs on his ipod. krista is a huge gazette fan so she started freaking out when she saw that he had some songs.

after she told me about that, i kinda had an inkling about what was gonna happen eventually :P so yeah, she asked him out on facebook eventually. oh yeah, he's mexican, but she said that he totally acts white. but she loves listening to him or anyone speaking another language XD

anyways, so yeah, she came over when i was in the middle of watching you're beautiful, so i had to tell all about it cuz it's so addicting and good. and i had to show her jeremy (hongki's character) and jolie, his dog who he named angelina jolie, cuz he's so cute with her!

so yeah, i told her to watch it when she has time cuz the episodes are around an hour long.

and then we talked and watched stuffid on youtube, then went to the vietnamese store with shelle cuz my mom needed something for dinner. we spent at least half an hour there trying to find a snack that krista would prolly enjoy. in the end, i got the umbrella cookies, these fruit circle thingers that shelle and i ate alot of when we were little but hadnt had in a long time, and krista got a mango nectarine drink.

then we went to BAM afterwords and loitered around. shelle found some manga that she really needed to get for her series (we were there and host club), and bribed me into getting her credit card out of her car by buying me a book. so i got her to buy me shadow kissed, what i thought was the 2nd book to this vampire series i read a few months ago.

i started reading it this morning at school and found out in 1st period, that it was the 3rd book to the series. since i had business essentials, i have my own computer to use, so i looked it up on there.

i'm debating on whether to just keep on reading it or waiting until i get the 2nd book. i think i'll just keep on reading it and read the 2nd one when i get the chance to go buy it (i should remember the title to it now -__-). i mean, it's not one of the series that i'm crazy about (or else i would of bought them all already), so i dont really care about reading it out of order since it basically says what happened in the last book in it already.

can you believe it's already fall, but i'm still wearing shorts around the house? it still feels like summer except it's a little bit cooler. it's not even that windy! what the hell?! i was waiting forever for fall to come but there's hardly a difference! winter better be colder AND windier than what fall feels like now. >:|

now to the boy bands! :D

i cant wait to watch ninja assassin! altho it's rated R, i'm not too worried about it since shelle and megan are 18 already. i read a review that said that it was basically action and alot of blood, but i dont really mind. i mean, joon's gonna play the younger version of rain in it. but he's gonna be blind and blindfolded so you dont even know who he is unless you're a fan. oh well XP

in most of the pics i see of thunder, he's always sleeping. i cant believe he's not the makne.

i forgot where they were, but they had to draw something, and boy their drawings were random.

i'm really sad about the whole DBSK thing. i mean, it really looks like their gonna break up. and then i read these templates about the entertainment industry's view on the dispute and it just makes me so sad. i mean, DBSK is the best. they were probably at the peak of their fame and influence, being recognized not just as idols, but as amazing singers and entertainers. and then, at the time when they could of taken over all of asia as the best (well, they were already proving this true, but you know what i mean, they could of really taken the asian world by storm) this had to happen.

i finally changed my desktop background (had the same one for a whole year) to this:
i felt like i had to support them in some way. i really, really hope things turn out okay.

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